Bluetooth speaker for shower: feel like a king

speaker shower

I’m so happy that one day mankind invented Bluetooth! If not for this technology, life would be incomplete. Although sometimes I think we just zazhralis. Judge for yourself: to warm up food, we are now enough of the furnace, bring the microwave (while in the microwave only heated the food for cooking it’s only used by unique individuals — it means a separate device for heating!). To brew coffee, the Turk has no wheels: need a new coffee maker. Although if you have the opportunity to have something that makes life more enjoyable, it is difficult to resist. Same with speaker for the shower. Our guest today is called Sound Splash.

Imagine how cool it: wash yourself and listen to music from your player. Washed and no longer miss calls because the speaker can easily be mounted to any smartphone that supports Bluetooth. This device is compatible with iPhones and with Android friends of man is not happiness?

Water resistant depth: water does not penetrate inside our dynamics under any angle. Embedded inside the battery, which can operate without recharging for 10 hours. The volume of the following: 11.5 cm x 7.5 cm x 4 cm Weight — 200 g. the Pleasure is worth 50 bucks.

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