Bluetooth Multi-Device Keyboard K480

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_vOBULyTRkTrsRYou ask, what is it? It’s simple: it’s the computer keyboard-that also works with your tablet and smartphone. Or to be more precise, it is the first desktop keyboard designed for use simultaneously on up to three devices, regardless of operating system.

Powder.kom.ua_29.06.2015_fEgkej24AZK4ZIncredibly handy! Now you can not only print the report on your computer, but it easy click set – Easy-Switch – to reply to this email on your smartphone and tweet on your tablet. It can connect to three different Bluetooth wireless devices simultaneously, regardless of what you use: Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, tablet, smartphone on Android or iOS. Tablet, unfortunately, the kit is not put. A pity, it could be. Though what else were you waiting for a ridiculous 2690 rubles?

manygoodtips.com_29.06.2015_RnaCB9isFDE2ZAs long as all the OSes on your gadgets were the latest versions. Don’t shove your old Nokia 3310 – nothing happens. The main thing – to decide whether your life is ever a need to switch on the phone while you’re typing, and isn’t it easier to do it manually.

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