Blinded to the fact that it was as the former makes you human

The separation is hard for everyone: for parties that are fed up with the relationship and felt the need to end, and to hand, so to speak, injured, abandoned and left to languish with nothing. How would you not treat your ex (this can be a hobby, a desire to get her back, stay friends, or just sadness), the die is cast: it is already done for you. From it you have habits that you will carry through your whole life. The former made you who you are now. I do not believe — myself look.

Thanks to it you know about their weaknesses

Relationships end for ivory a bunch of different reasons. You did something wrong, she did something not so, and happens more often that not, they were both right. Anyway, your ex helped you become who you are because you have opened your eyes to your own weaknesses and mistakes. Let’s say she left you because you don’t know how to communicate with people and she always thought you were mean to her and want her to stay away. Or did you give her promises that are not systematically performed, and she was tired of it. Or something else — people have a lot of different faults. To avoid repeating these mistakes, you will be incredibly attentive and communicative with the new girl. You just can’t stop the avalanche of words that will fly out of your mouth.

You picked up her habits

When you long to date a girl, in the end, you pick up her habits. Could it be a passion for a particular food that you discovered around her and now eat three throat. Or certain words. Or you start to listen to your favorite music and in the end forget that it really is not your initially favorite music. Of course, looking at such a pair, the people exclaim, «Wow, you’re like brother and sister!» Here! It happens! And then after the breakup you’re on the sofa, eating red vines, watching the show, laugh, hear your laugh and realize that she was laughing. Oh, and licorice she’s got you hooked. What a life.

Everything reminds you of her

Not that lamp, or abandoned five rubles on the road remind you of the days gone by, but a large number of things causing your associations with your ex. Various little things that you did together and your little jokes that you couldn’t stand outside the pair. Walking on the street, you see a Sparrow — and remember that she has a jacket with small birds, and so are you sad about that, even ashamed to admit to himself.

You’ll begin to see her eyes

In a relationship people discuss various controversial things and bring to their score your own pair verdict. For example, look at the films of a particular filmmaker, a particular style of tattoo or music direction, you discuss and pass a verdict, good or bad, whether the right to exist or simply clogs the already rich background information. Now it is your common point of view on a certain phenomenon. What happens after a breakup? Girlfriend is gone, and you continue to keep the memory of your common point of view on certain issues and to voice it as his own. Every time you have to go back to that view, you’ll remember exactly how it arose. Okay, now you’re not a hundred percent.

You adopt her interests

Perhaps the most important thing that gets us in the inheritance from a previous relationship. All people with the same thing: you start a relationship with one set of interests, and end up completely different, and it doesn’t matter whether your relationship is the epitome of a fairy tale or a total disaster on all levels. If your ex was kinomanka, chances are you’re also well versed in movie. Relationship is where people share and learn from each other. It is also probably something picked up from you — for example, starting to ride a bike and deal in iron horses. If not, maybe the relationship was a mistake?

Are you going to cook the food that she prepared

If she knew how to cook, probably in her repertoire was food that you could eat alone without her. If she asked you what to make, you immediately said, «mushroom Pasta» or «Soup» — and received their portion of Goodies. Now you broke up, it took a while, but you from time to time still trying to replicate her culinary feats and you still get not exactly.

It will affect your taste in girls

Let’s say you had been Dating for a year with a girl, obsessed on their appearance, all of those funds to take care of different body parts, and clothes, and you have these conversations about brow shape and style of dress already sitting in the liver. Now you know that for any price not want to meet with a friend, whose care of his carcass is in the first place — it’s too difficult for you. Or, conversely, you had a stable relationship with a girl who was fond of walking, loved to walk with a backpack through the mountains and could not imagine myself without nature. You liked it, you welcomed this hobby and now looking for a mate only among the tourists. A great experience that helped you to understand yourself and specifically articulate its advantages.

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