Blackwater Grizzly 6 «SERE» Knife — a knife for special occasions, 30.07.2013, SoBAtXLoHoBnvrZ7bB2KBU8ooZMdPDUz

Without a knife — life is not life. In any situation it will help, at least in the household, even in extreme. Especially when we are paranoid we want to teach you how to survive the zombie Apocalypse and just. Learn, dude, who are you without Today we offer to your attention a Blackwater Grizzly 6 «SERE» Knife. This 6-inch knife is suitable for special occasions or just for any nonsense will do. It will help you to survive in difficult situations, for example when you need to cut the parachute lines, where you’re stuck, or when you need to cut a couple of zombies that are waiting for you downstairs.

The knife is made of German steel. No Chinese — only Europe. The handle is comfortable — fiberglass and all. The knife has teeth, a small ledge wire stripper, hole for cord. The knife, incidentally, is a hollow handle which is closed with a special connector. It can store all sorts nishtyaki. The knife is attached a storage pouch which has a compartment for a sharpening. Case you can easily attach to a belt.

Made in Italy. In the service of their troops. The cost is $ 150. My opinion — than amazing., 30.07.2013, 2HbI0dlkypTjAag9r5k2csAHaiVQjRwz, 30.07.2013, 8ObHPDY0FvTKw9dyD43SjDo4V1skMEZl

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