Blackjack. Of the history


More than half of the tables in casinos around the world meant for blackjack is a simple game, the essence of which is a set of 21 points on first two cards dealt to the player. For a person a little bit familiar with card games will become obvious relationship with the Russian game «twenty-one», or as it is called, «point». The American version of blackjack. In fact, they are relatives, it’s the same game, description of rules in Russia was first published in the book by G. Komova, published in 1778. However, the game itself originated under Louis XV. She was very fond of Napoleon Bonaparte.


First, the deck is passed until it finished. However, it is possible to calculate the remaining cards in the deck and with a high probability to predict the appearance of cards of a certain rank. To address this shortcoming, the use of sleeping six or more shuffled decks, which made it difficult to count cards released. However, for a person with extraordinary abilities, such a calculation remains possible. This moment is depicted in the movie «rain Man», when has a unique mathematical abilities autistic, who played Dustin Hoffman says: «Madam! In the deck left a lot ladies!», — allowing his brother to buy lady 18 points (3 points) and get a winning combination.


For players with normal abilities developed a few simple systems.

So, Arnold Schneider, an employee of the mail, suggested the following method: two, three, four, five and six was equivalent to +1;

seven, eight, nine to zero;

— ten, Jack, Queen, king, ACE respectively to -1.

Summing up came the map, we get a estimated value of a log. If it is zero, then the deck is in equilibrium, that is, it is just about equally. If the log has a negative value, then it has more low cards, if positive the big. So we can predict prikupka of a particular (large or small) of the map and change game strategy.


System of the account of a dozen based on the calculation that when the deck a dozen from 41 to 73%, the player has an advantage over the dealer. It is enough to consider the number of published maps and a dozen of other advantages. The calculation of the ratio between them will allow to change the strategy of the game is to increase the rate, unless the amount is ten divided by the quantity ten, still less of 1.43 (advantage 0,1%) and even more if it is made up of 0.28 (the advantage of 2.1%). To reduce — at a ratio of 1.75 (the advantage of dealer 1%) and even more so at a ratio of 3.00 (advantage dealer of 4.8%). Proposed by Jacques Noir-counting method ten was to assign dozens of the cost of -2 points and the other cards +1. This allows you to count the number of among a dozen other cards, knowing full deck has a cost of +4. Using this system, a crawl in order to more clearly imagine, is to insure against blackjack dealer.

DEFENDING AGAINST the «keepers», the casino owners just have to ban visits to their establishments clients with unique abilities. For the protection of performers-Oldtimers was convened information network that connects casinos of different countries, with parameters unwelcome visitors. It’s a shame to be called «civilized» refusal to admit to a casino customer, «because he wins».


In 1978, after a long trial of Augusto Serembe managed to regain a specially made laptop PC 100, which allows him to score cards. Four fingers Seremba entered into the computer the value of the cards, took the fifth score of the game. Two weak electrical discharge gave information about the real score of +2, if negative value is first supplied series of pulses, and then the bill.

Such an «individual» device is rare. Using it is very justified though, because one hand has to hold the keyboard, there is natural suspicion pit boss. (However, you can use a third hand as in the film «Fantomas has raged»). Of course the operator with the computer is separate from the player. His duties are to enter information and transmit the result of the calculation on low-voltage electrode located on the body of the player. The player can feel relaxed, drink, and casually follow the game, that is all kind to show a harmless pastime. Using a similar device called the «Know-Rand» casino in southern Nevada has lost $80 million over 15 hours of gameplay. Rates did not exceed $100.


SEPTEMBER 15, 1978 the «keepers» were allowed to return to the casino — they were against the struggle. With the help of a special card deck was pokazalas and part cards (from half to one-third mixed six decks) are simply removed from the game, so the possibility of winning through counting cards released were reduced to a minimum . Although I must say that I fully possibilities of winning by using card counting is not eliminated.

What if math has always been difficult and a mini-computer that thinks you’re the pack, you not yet purchased? Well, then you can try your luck with a system based on probabilities of pricopi dealer to a particular card (see tables). Interestingly, enterprising Americans have these tables printed on the card and sell wish to use the proper strategy for the casino game.

Why casino not bankrupt yet?

Because, firstly, such «work» is needed utmost attention, great composure, sobriety (Oh, not by chance casino entertains visitors at their own expense!).

Secondly, you just need to want to win, because many people come to the casino, believe me, it is not. For a player often much more important than the stress voltage during a game, psychological and emotional discharge, which gives the loss (but not win). Real, hard-nosed players who go to casinos with the purpose to make money, not so much.

Blackjack 5

Many players sit and wait, and when it comes to «the strip», when hand by hand will bring them the win. And in that moment they will «take her» to do maximum bets, to buy any cards, double any combination. Indeed, all known periods of the game, when the player is amazingly lucky. Playing at cards, he buys two aces to five tricks and gets ten. Leaky minuscule come two sevens and the all-pass games start with a missing suit. But it happens and Vice versa. That would not do the player — «no lane». Everything was against him. Even a true «in-laws» comes to the wild situation. However, in a moment of luck, if the player knows how to play, gorgeous cards will bring at least a win and a loss. Conversely, a great player on bad cards will be able to win.

Of course, blackjack is not a preference, but without a strategy game, even a good strip will get you a minimum win or loss.

Play and think. All in your hands!

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