Blackhawk Secretary Trunk is your personal folding office


Let’s say you a home business owner or freelancer who turned his own apartment into a warehouse of randomly scattered papers, notebooks, notes, layouts, and so on. If this is even remotely true, then you may be interested in such a massive, but incredibly functional thing.

Blackhawk Secretary Trunk is a unique workplace in the form of a suitcase. The design of this piece of furniture simply and there is no doubt that the owner of such home office is a very serious person, but at the same time, he was no stranger to a great sense of humor and originality. The external part of the Blackhawk Secretary Trunk is covered with aluminium sheets, while the inside of this inhospitable at first glance, the bandura is made of durable high-quality wood. Blackhawk Secretary Trunk is equipped with a decent number of drawers, compartments and a separate alcove for the computer. The weight of the entire workplace is 238 pounds, and the size – 196 x 104 x 76 cm (height, width, depth) in a closed form.

Unfortunately, except in the United States, this thing is not to buy, but if you know the cost of the suitcase office is 3650 dollars.

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