Bitten by the most dangerous snake in the world? A reason to drink


We constantly complain about various troubles, but imagine what it’s like to live an ordinary farmer in Australia. You’re digging peacefully in the garden, and there is the Tasmanian devil wanders, snakes of all colors of the rainbow. And we complain about the mosquitoes…

An ordinary Australian man Rod Somerville digging in the garden, when suddenly disturbed, the Eastern brown snake, one of the most dangerous snakes in the world. A snake bit Kind, but got him in the head with a shovel. Ron knew what this snake and knew that her venom could carry in heart failure, excessive bleeding and other troubles. He dragged himself to a phone, called the doctor. The chance that the Race could survive was not particularly large, so our hero decided to drink beer last, so peacefully popeliushko beer with a huge bite on my leg, and kind of found doctors.

Rod was in the hospital for three weeks, he was allergic to the poison and a kidney problem, but everything seems fine.

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