BioShock Infinite insulted the feelings of believers


Hell, man, how are these insults the feelings of believers got! Why can’t we openly declare that the evil people (bigoted against non-fanatics, we have nothing) that their behavior offend the feelings of agnostics and atheists?

A guy named Breen Malmberg made electronic Steam store to return him the money, although it’s actually against the rules. The man said that near the beginning the game forces you to go through the rite of baptism in the name of a local prophet, who, of course, irrelevant to mainstream Christianity. Brin is, of course, insulted to the core: how is it to be baptized, even for real?! so he immediately stopped the play and as a devout Christian, immediately dashed off a complaint and demanded the store’s money. Strange, but Steam has returned them to him!

This situation is similar to some nonsense. However, it is necessary to digress a bit from this bad news and to announce that BioShock Infinite was a very good game, and Bryn, as you might prove, was a complete fool, to which his feelings had prevented them from enjoying. By the way, this guy can play the game? After all, there is the need to kill, to Rob caravans (that’s right, of course, the korowai) and do all sorts of lewdness. He should think about that. And you, man, recommend Dawkins.

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