Bionic Boots. Almost like an Ostrich

Only do not say that I totally want a pair! It’s the exoskeleton! This is not some cheap jumpers, it is more high-tech shoes that let you run around the block with a speed of 40 km/h. You say that you were struck? You with such speed on the machine by tubes go? Then think about what the fastest runner in the world Usain Bolt reaches a maximum speed of 44.16 km/h, in this case giving in full. But Bolt is Bolt, it is in itself unique. And wearing those wonderful stilts, you’re not really straining, will be able to escape from his pursuers with Olympic speed.

This miracle was developed by the inventor from San Francisco Kahie Seymour. From childhood he was haunted by the fact that the ostrich can reach speeds up to 70 km/h, and the man is the slowest of the two-legged. It’s just a brave scientist a call of nature! Therefore, spent 12 years studying the feet of any emergency animals like ostriches, kangaroos, and to develop the fastest model. One prototype was faster than the other, but Kahie didn’t stop, not yet invented «Maker Faire» – the latest version of your bionic Shoe.

As already mentioned, the basis of Bionic Boots was put artificially created the Achilles tendon of ostriches. Ultra-lightweight shoes have innovative technology, they are made of aircraft-grade aluminum, springs, and carbon fiber composite exoskeleton, do not burden the feet of the owner and literally pushed forward at every step.

In the ordinary shoes, a large amount of energy is absorbed by the foot of man, when it comes in contact with the ground. Thus, man loses through the Achilles tendon almost all the energy that goes nowhere. Bionic Boots correct this fact by the action of springs and spring mechanism, as if pushing your feet off the ground. The resulting energy is not only preserved, but added.

To improve his invention Kahie plans to add a drive, which in conjunction with springs will allow people to work at speeds close to 45 miles per hour and make his invention the bionic in every sense of the word, and, of course, plans to further increase the speed to finally overtake the ill-fated ostrich.

The author calls his invention the «transport of the 21st century». Well, let’s wait and see. Of course, you can buy them now, the only thing – where are you going to run? From dogs? Perhaps, but do not forget, before you run in them the first hundred kilometers, for this device need a good vestibular system and truly Jedi mind coordination. There is a perception that the degree of risk these «magic boots» overtake motorcycles. Besides, conditions are necessary, as on the roadway, to put it mildly, not safe and on the sidewalks especially not at first. And the road must be smooth. Maybe in the future it will be important to go from one end of town to another, absolutely without straining and without confusing people, but in the meantime, by purchasing them, you will be able to run in the fields with the hares race and brag to friends.

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