BINATONE THE BRICK — back to basics, 10.09.2013, c4njZy4Ay8eKp17k8NVCIc0GtmzY2ApZ

In our category is extremely long appeared interesting phones, but they wrote each magazine, but we don’t want to be in every magazine, so we will not write about all sorts of Androids, and write about a giant brick. It’s called our current phone is a Brick. Binatone is a UK company which has more than 60 years of experience in manufacturing of communication products and components on them, decided, so to speak, to go back to basics and created a phone that brings us back to the 80s.

But not only appearance remarkable with this phone. Its battery in standby mode can hold a charge for about a month! If you do that enough, the company has prepared a special extra battery, which extends the working time to… 6 months.

In addition, THE BRICK can work as two devices. The first phone, the second Bluetooth device that can connect to your tablet or phone. After connecting the «brick» will have full access to contacts and music. Why did he do it? The phone has surprisingly powerful speaker that hints at the use of it as a «Boombox». What are the advantages of the phone? Backlight, LED display and memory card, why it is needed, I’ll never know.

Would it be possible to buy a phone in Russia and how much it will cost, we don’t know, but the idea is cool.

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