Bill gates fined for dumping manure


Famous billionaire fined for illegal waste storage. Or rather, for a heap of manure, which is on its stable cost 8.7 million dollars. Inspectors say that illegal dumping is only 5.5 metres from the narrow pond. Currently, the dump is disassembled, but gates continued to prescribe penalties.

Tycoon bill gates was accused of breeding the stench of the whole district. And accused the billionaire locals are a tiny equestrian town of Wellington, Florida. Gates will be fined $ 250 a day until the dump will not be dismantled.

Heists — a man who donated much money for the preservation and maintenance of ecology, now is accused of creating illegal dumps. Bill began to warn and ask to parse the dump is still the 18th of July. But he has not complied with the orders to this day. Now the billionaire will pay to the state Treasury about $ 20 000 (800 000). And this amount continues to grow every day.

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