Bikes from CITY SOLE

We love bikes for their agility, speed, environmental friendliness, benefits to our bodies and no need to spend money on expensive fuels. City bikes from the company SOLÉ CITY fully comply with these requirements. And we Bicycle a bit necessary.

The first bike from SOLÉ CITY — vintage and old-fashioned WINDWARD CITY CRUISER. He recalls the old Soviet and European stories, and especially this Association perpetuates an old-fashioned leather seat with decorative stitching, rivets and a spring. The bike comfortable frame geometry and seat. In order to brake, you just need to scroll the pedal back. WINDWARD CITY CRUISER , you can get by ordering over the Internet. It is you in a box, assembled by 85%, we can only find a screwdriver and screw together a few parts. A bike designed for a comfortable drive within the city, outside the city field and steppe from it will be continuous agony. The cost of the WINDWARD CITY CRUISER worthy of $499.


Second bike — single speed fix THE FOAMSIDE, all black, stylish and with blue circles on the wheels. A huge plus for a city bike — THE FOAMSIDE very easy. The weight of fix — 11.5 kilograms. The frame is exactly the same as in the WINDWARD CITY CRUISER, comfortable, can be comrades to carry my feet to climb. Tires provide a fast ride and comfort at high speeds. Fix also be ordered via the Internet and brought to you almost assembled 90%. When purchasing large life warranty, which is very cool, I agree. The cost of THE FOAMSIDE — $399.


And the last single-speed fixed with a beautiful name EL TIGRE. Silver with white stripes and orange wheels the bike. Created as the perfect companion dude in an urban environment. A fixed weight of 11.5 pounds, is transferred without further proceedings. Frame in EL TIGRE is the same as his two «brothers», comfortable, anthropometric, woman can roll as at school. Delivered by mail when ordering through the Internet. Available, lifetime guarantee on every part of the bike. Delivery is made in assembled 90%. The tires are the same as in the previous two bikes. As THE FOAMSIDE bike EL TIGRE is a great bike for the city and the suburbs. The cost of the bike is the same as the previous $399. A great gift for women. The design of all bikes made dudes from California, where fables are made of.

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