Bike stuff

Today we will show you and not very useful bike things. Use them will depend only on your imagination, although one thing from this list will surely prove useful for everyone. But just to say one thing: they are really original, unusual and cool look.

Stemlock Classic


Stemlock combines two very different functions. On the one hand, it makes it easier to store and transport your two-wheeled friend. On the other hand, it is a powerful means of protection against theft. Stemlock is one of the first castles that can be integrated in the steering wheel. Using a simple press and a few turns left or right, you can lock the wheel and wheel without the possibility of movement. One turn of the key and the steering wheel detaches from the plug, making absolutely impossible Cycling. The thief who dares to steal your bike, you need to be strong and hardy enough to move the bike in hand to the destination. In any case, he can not run away. To keep the bike it becomes a lot easier.

Stemlock Classic is easy to operate and quite reliable. To remove this «lock» can only use the key, pick open the mask is practically impossible, if stolen not a big superior, of course. Screws holding the plug cannot be removed without a special tool. Warranty three years, at a cost of 126 dollars. If you lose the key, you can order a new one.

Bike Pump Seat Post


Pump for bike — a useful thing in the economy. You never know when you will get a flat tire. Just carry it on himself troublesome, but it does not concern our pump. Bike Pump Seat Post combines two functions — the saddle and the pump. When you need to pump up the tire, you remove a saddle from the frame and use it… like a pump. Bike Pump Seat Post — ergonomic design saddle at the top, through which is comfortable to hold on to while pumping. You can buy for $ 30, but you should hurry — selling out quickly.

Monkey Lights


Lights on your bike help drivers to understand that a number of them in the dark goes the owner of the bike. And these lights definitely add personality. You can arrange the LEDs in the form of various figures and images. This will attract you more attention and help to survive the night. The picture is fully programmable on your phone or any other similar device. The time of light — 30 hours. Operates the chain of «lights» on three AA batteries. The estimated cost is $ 100.

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