Good news for bikers, who all the time need a new adrenaline rush. I think the new guy can you do when the snow falls? Skiing, snowboarding and a plastic bag, you slide down a snowy icy hill, no longer the former high? How about a large-snowboard? You will be able to ride in the snow and with the wind roll down from the slope.

Now to clean the bike in the garage with the summer’s not necessary. And a new bike for winter buy is also not necessary. Just buy a new device for its universal transport. I think that a snowboard is what you want? Selfish! You didn’t think about his bike: he also wants to catch turns on the slopes.

Mini snowboard need to be attached to the tire of the front wheel. Its size is easily adjustable, so this thing will fit in most any size and shape. A Board where you have to ride in the winter, has the perfect grip on ice. You’re going to ride a bike, and you will be angry to see people who are stuck in a traffic jam in public transport.

A great snowboard for 400 bucks. But you will save on the bus or gasoline. That just will not do in order to get into some extreme situation! And you will surely get it, because you skate in winter on the bike! But the adrenaline that’s what it takes. Bicycle-snowboard — it seems that some chose the gift for the new year.

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