Bike: folding and electric

Michelin is known for their pretty good tires. But, apparently, this was not enough, so next year the company plans to release… of electric Bikes.

E-bikes will tell you, my friend, is accidentally unfinished bikes? So, dude, I think so too, but somehow I think it would be cool.

In fact, given the love of European and Asian bro to nature and ecology, we can say that the new product will have demand: first you pedal, swing legs, and when tired, the bike just carries you.

The bike turns in three types of speeds. There is also a pedestrian mode, which allows you to travel at a speed of 6 km/h and consider the surroundings. And yet, this mode will allow you to move your iron horse without much difficulty.

The maximum speed of transport is 25 km/h, at this speed the bike is enough for 45 kilometers. Charge from the usual outlets and runs for 4-5 hours.

Weighs device together with batteries only 17 pounds. But best of all — the ability to fold it Aki transformer. Looks cool and carry convenient.

The postman Pechkin would be definitely happy. The cost of the device will be in the region of 1500 euros.

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