Bike dreams: how to choose a bike


A paradox, but it’s been almost 200 years since the creation of the Bicycle, and mankind still has not invented a better transport. We are not talking about technical things, but about the practical benefits. Judge for yourself: the gasoline it doesn’t need to be moving solely on muscle-powered than causing a huge benefit to your health and the environment. It is convenient, and if it’s even possible to fold and carry in their hands. Sometimes in cork it can be faster to get from point a to point B than by car, much of the maneuvering between the human and the car flows even can not speak. The machine will not cut through yards, not down in the subway and not always possible to climb the mountain. Because everyone loves two-wheeled friend for the functionality, practicality and versatility. A Bicycle is not a luxury but a thing that will make you happy.

But despite the love, most people know about bikes at the level dummies and choose them according to two criteria: that was beautiful and so were the wheels, seat, steering wheel and hand brake. But in fact the choice of bike is a science with a lot of nuances, focused on consumer needs. It’s No wonder there are so many varieties of this simple at first glance of the vehicle. So will be using this article to transform the ordinary user of the expert velebitsko the market.

What do you bike?

This is the first question you need to ask before going to the store, this is the most important thing in choosing any bike. This criterion affects all the others.

Answer the question, where are you going to ride it: for the urban pavement and the Park paths, forest trails or on roads?

Some bikes and not designed for long journeys with all the attendant circumstances, as if the heavy burden of the young tourist, changes in road surfaces and the variability of the weather. Maybe you’re going to do stunts and to be part of the Olympic team for «BMX Pro»? Then the bikes are very difficult to drive a kilometer, but just to do incredible somersaults.



Let’s start with the most popular segment of the city or road, bikes. Specifically cruiser bike in the classic sense of the word, designed for leisurely riding around town. If there is something more steady and fit for the city, this subcompact hatchback. High speed to develop such a will not work because of its luxury weight (20 kg), but to draw the attention of this handsome man always can.

It is literally covered with different bells and whistles, which, on the one hand, provide a good service in the urban space, and on the other – just increase the already massive frame. Here and mud flaps on the front and rear wheels, and trunk, where it was interesting to ride in childhood, and seven speeds, circuit protection, wide comfortable seat, and also wide healthy rubber with aggressive tread pattern.

But the main feature is the wide and broad, like a bull horn handlebar.

On the one hand, comfortable fit, and the other is a strong disadvantage to performance of the bike. With the driving past cars without hitting the side glass, it is difficult to pass. But if patency can be used over time to get the hang of it in management, with a hideous depreciation is nothing you can do, and to count the bumps and pits as its a soft place – not a pleasant occupation.And still, the cruiser is far from the title comfortable bike. It is difficult to lug up the stairs in the building without Elevator, it occupies a lot of space for storage and, frankly, very uncomfortable to manage. Of course, you can get used to all the unnecessary twist, to somehow ease his fate and his weight, but it adds new problems. But if your credo is a leisurely ride, and your housing a lot of storage space, then choose without hesitation.

Folding bike


A real salvation for those whose path to anywhere is not without direct links. Generally, the more direct, the easier and more compact folding bike. The principle of operation is simple, as Bicycle spoke: the frame is moved over the latch, and the bike folded, wheel-to-wheel.

Frame folding bike is devoid of the bottom tube, but the top is massive and stable. Many people think that this is the collapsibility makes it fragile and short-lived. But in fact, they are as durable as the other fellow. The frame is sturdy enough not to fall apart when falling from a high hill or barrier.

Another advantage of such vehicles is depreciation, although it does not occur on all models. However, the rear shock significantly adds to the weight of the bike, not to mention the 35-40% to the cost. Plus, riding on the suspension in the city, you will not leave a feeling of «resinously» when pedaling. Part of the effort to scrolling, will be spent on compression of the rear shock, not moving forward. Increasingly, manufacturers of these bikes think about the compactness, and then remember about such a thing as comfort. So its a huge cost does not pay off at all.

Road bike


Easy and reliable, with a thin tall frame that some even made from carbon fiber. Elegant model, whose lowered and curved the wheel captivates everyone who is planning to buy a bike to start a healthy lifestyle.

This bike for speed and only for speed. Even the famous curved handle for a reason: in this situation the cyclist has less resistance to air flow, and therefore goes faster.

Professionals got him going 90 km/h. To the average fan to these figures far away, but in any case it is easier and faster cruiser. However, curved handlebars are not suitable for everyone, so manufacturers have produced a hybrid with a straight handle. But with all the charms and ease of roadies, it is absolutely contraindicated and uneven coating. Depreciation had not, and feeling so unpleasant that even to remember them is not desirable.

In addition, it is very fragile. If cool falling off a high curb like water off a duck, for the roadies this fall could be deadly.

For off-road driving


There is quite logical question: what to do if smooth roads in town? For this purpose MTB-bikes that every year are gaining more and more popularity. They are of two types:

– hardtail;

– the suspension.

The hardtail is just the front shock (fork), hard back; in the suspension shock absorbers two front and rear. That’s the whole difference, only need to clarify once again that each pendant is worth a lot of money.

What hardtail, the suspension designed for aggressive driving and rapid descents over rough terrain. Such constructions are found in mountain Biking.

There is a basic difference between the two. A more daring and unrestrained suspension is often chosen by professionals. Cheap cost he can’t, and take it just to ride – at least disrespect to the professionals. It’s better to take a cheaper hardtail.

Hybrid bikes


Those who can not determine the choice, notably helped the engineers, one day creating a hybrid model. The dream of those who wanted to join the patency of the mountain and speed highway bikes. So there is a comfortable lightweight cruisers and hardy roadies. Some went further and attached to a simple big motor. This, incidentally, is also a kind of hybrid by analogy with the cars, under the hood which is hidden hybrid engine.

To allocate it in a separate group and give some more accurate description is simply impossible, it all depends on imagination of the designer. We can only say one thing: don’t be scared of this strange title, just find out about its characteristics and to compare your needs.

Stunt bikes


Huge range of bicycles, for which demand is already 20 years is steadily growing up, is a trick bike. Perhaps the most famous representative – BMX, the choice is aggressive and crazy stunt. Even more desperate guys choose a bike for trials in which even no seats. But waddling to get to your destination with their help. Bike for dirt not to drive, more for high of floating in the air, for the rigors of DH racing for a descent in the harsh terrain right up to the foot of the mountain for a minute.

Of course, they should be taken only if you will diligently and carefully to grasp the basics of veloekstremaly. To buy them for my son as a first bike – just a call to common sense, because of their cost you can buy a lot of useful things. All because two dlinnonogih absorber, heavy frame, wide tires and reliable disc brakes.

Spare parts

Take time now to parts of the bikethat you need to pay attention before buying. Of course, if you buy an expensive bike for 70 000 and 25 000, then worry about the selection of brakes is not worth it. But this knowledge certainly does not call.



Frame made of aluminium, steel and carbon fiber. The ratio of the strength of the frame and weight it is better to take aluminium, which, thanks to modern technological processes, can take absolutely any form. Unfortunately, it is not as durable as steel, which is impervious to deformation and are ready to serve forever. The disadvantages of steel is, first, that it is difficult, and secondly, that absorbs the speed.

As for carbon, it is used to make the lightest bikes.


The plugs come in several forms:


– spring elastomer;


– oil-air (low pressure/high pressure);

– oil-spring.


Often, however, we have to choose between the spring and the air fork. Here you can navigate, for example, on your weight for heavy cyclist more suited for air plugs for easy rider will come down and spring.

Have plug another criterion called «stroke». For each bike its length.

– short-stroke (25 mm) plugs: city, trekking bikes;

– the usual (50-75 mm): MTB-bikes, large urban and bikes for tourism;

– medium (75-125 mm): MTB bikes, bikes for aggressive style riding, Hiking and sometimes for racing;

– long stroke (125-300 mm.): suspension and bikes for the downhill.


The big problem is to choose the brake, one of the most important parts of the bike. The market indulges the buyer a huge wealth, but to avoid confusion, remember this basic scheme.

For simple drive around town can take any brakes entry level.

For long hikes when a big unfortunate you have to feel the weight of your bag, suitable vibrate.

For those who need bike in the city and outside the city, you can take any disc.

For cross-country skiing and speed skating it is better to choose or hydraulic disc or rim vibrate high quality.

Bike for trial should have the rim hydraulics or powerful vibrate and bike for freeride necessarily disc hydraulics.

Still have the roller brakes, which weigh about the same as they are, but they are not afraid of dirt, nor a direct hit by a car bumper.



In General, the wheels, everything is clear. If you don’t collect the bike for parts, nothing to worry about. Good expensive bikes put the style of drive wheels. The large wheels will help to develop speed, smaller diameter wheels will give the bike the agility and reduce the size. Thus, the roadies are 28 inch, and the city put 20 to 26.

Tires need to select on the drawing. Than it is more aggressive and deeper, the easier the tires pereneset dirt. But on smooth asphalt to ride on them – a real meal. For the city as for the highway, take the slicks – tires without pattern.


Choosing a saddle, stop your choice on the saddle with a narrow nose and wings without speaking. So it is very difficult to RUB the inner thighs. To buy a huge throne is completely useless.

Most importantly, before buying to try the saddle for his fifth point. The pelvic bone should be placed on a rigid platform.

If we talk about the material, then surely the highest compliment fly to the skin. With regard to popular leather, then, as they say, leatherette leatherette hostility. Most importantly, do not take the plastic harness. The body does not forgive.

Shifters, cassettes, sprockets


The mechanisms of switching of speeds, known as shifters, are divided into two categories:

Rapid fire – single lever speed increases, the other decreases, while the hand on the steering wheel does not change its position, the switches are always under your fingers.

Rapid fairy more convenient, but fragile.

Sprockets are available with different diameter and different number that characterizes the bike.

But with the tapes unpleasant working principle is: the more, the better. The most durable and most expensive – titanium – can be quite expensive, so it is best to fork out for steel, already much better than aluminum.

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