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In our high-tech age, there is one problem which every day breaks hundreds of lives, drives people to suicide and leading to serious conflicts. No, it’s not AIDS and hunger. This is the problem with the battery!

Take the phones with them fabulously feeble batteries. Left home with my pocket friend, and after a couple hours of watching social media and listening to music the battery waving, turning the gadget into a useless piece of plastic. You need to be connected, because on this day you have a meeting that could dramatically change your life. Or the worst: you stole the carpet, set the tone for the room, and you’re taking a ransom for him. However, the phone runs out of power, the bandits think you left them… with him doing dirty things. Here’s what to do? Cockroach hell to attach.

Most importantly, do not panic! Smart people invented external batteries. However, the batteries the batteries are different. Some capacity is less, in others, such prices that it is easier to carry a diesel generator on a cart, and others collected from matches and salt in the lap of a blind uncle Xiao, so what about their quality however. However, not all bad. Knowing the bitter experience close contact with poor quality too expensive shit, we came across a firm that sells a quality product. As you know, not a bad wish. And this is a very good batteries. Just for those dudes who need to be constantly in touch, who appreciate the time, well, just for those who are concerned about depleted unit.

A firm called Bigrit, and, in addition to quality, they have a few tricks up its sleeves. You ask what? Well, for example, these batteries have all kinds of built-in protection, including overcharge, and when the battery is charged to 100%, they are disabled, even if input port, as before, the summed voltage. So don’t be afraid of overcharging the battery is fully discharged and short circuit protection. This greatly extends the life of the battery, and it looks like a real Highlander, in comparison with the counterparts. And in the lineup – a wide range of colors, so you can easily choose the battery to their suspicious brown shorts. Oh, and most importantly – honest capacity in the battery will be as much as claimed. And also a guarantee for a year, and even included a cable for USB. And you to be completely satisfied with, your battery will bring in a beautiful box, with a letter of guarantee and certificate that flaunts serious printing.


But most of all pleasing a wide range – wider than just the shoulders of the Dagestan wrestler. There are both expensive and not. For example, model S26. Only 970 rubles happiness and your iPad will not know rest, use them constantly. Capacity is 2600 mAh. This wonder weighs only 77 grams, so don’t lose and don’t confuse it with a lighter. Just don’t forget to charge only two and a half hours to fully charge. If you’re constantly wandering from stay to host a student, preparing for lectures on the way to the University, and to charge the phone, of course, not always possible, feel free to take it, just put it in and get ready to health.


For people solid have a much more serious versions. For example, MK3. It is, of course more expensive, but capacity, excuse me, significantly more than the glorious dwarf – 30000 mAh, but it has two USB inputs. So if you’re some blogger, journalist, editor, working with stock and you are on duty constantly have to drive in the tail and mane your tablet and phone, take it – don’t hesitate. At least don’t have to look at the gadgets with sad eyes and choose who to revive first. He simultaneously revives both fighters mobile front.

But the main feature of the model – it has a flashlight! Any subject with a flashlight is very cool! So feel free to go with her to the forest for mushrooms, to Shine themselves by the lantern and listen to Merlin Manson, without worrying that the battery will run down. If you get lost, energy to give signal SOS.

By the way, weighs this battery, despite all innovations, only 450 grams. The only full charge will have to wait as much as 15 hours. But do not go for the battery!

However, in this model, there is one small minus, compared to the previous one: it is only sold in two colors – black brutal and rough a little less white. Well, if you want to model, and charged both handsets, and flashlight lights and all colors of the rainbow, and even Wake you in the morning, Bigrit will satisfy this whim. It was Davids, but now on the scene, Goliath. Here it is – SK100.


Battery capacity of 10,000 mAh but has a clock with alarm function, and it weighs a measly 180 grams. In fact, you’ve had enough of this capacity to simultaneously charge two gadget. So put it on the charger, set the alarm and go explore the beauty of Florence. The alarm will inform you when you need to move out for dinner at the hotel.

If you constantly squander the battery, playing with toys, take it – don’t hesitate. Travel is the best option. Go to the website and choose the capacity. As the saying goes, from each according to abilities, to each according to his needs.

It’s not all models, there are many more, each with its own characteristics and set of benefits. All the devices besides that tell how much battery remained, so still and look elegant and stunning. So if they have to hide it only from the grasping hands of some friends. The only thing lost excuse «my phone died». All I know that you purposely turned off. So hide and keep this treasure.

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