Big ship — big swimming! How not to go astray

The longer I live, the more stronger your feeling that the main purpose of the world — to make you remained stupid and not rock the boat. It is possible that the way it is, however, to obey these his intentions — not the best idea. Better, on the contrary, to oppose them. We will help you.

The past does not determine your future, but affects the present

So many dudes ran out of rags to riches, it’s almost embarrassing to call it. Lomonosov? Grew up in the wilderness and so learned nothing, if not for his will to knowledge. It would seem that rural mattress to sit all his life on the stove, occasionally going fishing in the White sea. But no! He did not focus on their origin, to build the future according to the usual man of the eighteenth century model. His past has defined his present, he realized, that sitting on the stove doesn’t and wants to walk for knowledge. And went! Past pushed him to new challenges.

If you stop looking for excuses for your failures and change your attitude towards yourself and your past, there is a possibility that you’ll end up in a much better place than where you started. Should only want and stop trying to justify lack of education, miserable provincial town, weakness and laziness, and everything will change.

Sit still — so lost

Procrastination all antigrav. See a beautiful woman and I think I will talk to her next time? After a couple of days you will not meet. Want to buy a new car? And it sold yesterday because you waited too long. Found a good job? Which is already occupied? It will be so until you begin to act. Opportunities slip away from you in the blink of an eye. A man does what he wants, and doing it right now.

Life is unfair, get used to it

And you thought that we live in a Russian novel of the nineteenth century? Not happen big and bold justice. You will see someone worse than you there must be something better than we have. Someone will work less and you get almost mountains of gold. Someone will work harder for you and to penny. You’re in luck.

The sooner you accept that, the sooner you will save yourself from a futile and unnecessary worries. Survive. To solve problems and navigate your way. In the end you’ll survive and understand what laws the world works.

Accept the help with gratitude

It is good to depend only on himself, but from time to time you can not do without the help of others. If you grew up in a friendly environment, helped you to cope with all the difficulties, and it started to sound like the default option. It is not so.

Nobody is obliged to help you, and if he still went to this goodwill gesture, it says a lot about. You have shown generosity. You’ve been paying attention. Just. Thank you. So give me the word and let the guy know that you appreciate his efforts.

Sometimes it’s not what you are, and how others perceive you

In a bad mood? Stress? Uncertainty during a public speech? Badly dressed? If you got something. feel at ease, this will inevitably affect how others perceive you.

In fact nobody cares how you feel and what’s bothering you. All wondering just how you behave towards them and how they feel in your company.

The first impression is incredibly important to strangers that they see and hear, and what is their opinion of you. Remember: in most cases, they want you they liked it, but you still need to give a reason for this. Act confident and friendly, and everything will be fine.

Don’t believe everything you hear. There is another side

Any problem has at least two points of view, and even more. What you hear from one source will not be the same version from another source, and it is possible that there is a third side, which none of them has any idea. The world in General is much more complicated than you thought.

Enjoy life while you can. Life is short

Don’t ruin your life, vbuhivaya it just for school or work. Take time to go somewhere to enjoy life and the company of beautiful women. This is a very serious lesson, and if in old age you will have something to remember, you will realize that was wrong. You deserve a nice life, otherwise what’s the point?

She is one in a million. Think about it: one in a million

On the one hand, it is unique and unique. On the other hand, in the world millions of women. Different women whom you never even saw. I am sure that she really is the best option?

Listen to your instincts

Listen to your inner voice when it tells you that there is something wrong. If you do so, never will be safe. If you feel with your ass, lean on her. Ass will not disappoint. A simple and effective way.

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