Big regret: mistakes in relationships, which affect

manygoodtips.com_5.03.2014_nZ76gPJxoDppUBuild relationships not so easy. Some deliberately refuse this, take the most ordinary Housewives, and then bite your elbows from the awareness of spiritual emptiness. Everyone wants to be loved. This may not be the priority, but in any case, love is a pleasant addition to almost everything. But many guys don’t believe in love and that you can find on the man who would be very good you came. I’m not talking about a soul mate: no such thing; I’m talking about people that are very well suit us and which we love. These people really are. But there are some errors that do not lead to anything good in human relations. Today is to talk about it.

1. Forget that she can change

It’s a really fucking unpleasant fact, but it’s true. People change, sometimes gradually and sometimes immediately, but strong. Today, it is a pretty interesting person, and tomorrow the boring bitchy lady. Today she listens to you, and eventually the wolf shows his teeth. Sometimes this «change» is the result of the fact that the girl realized that you «zahapat» and not going anywhere. Needless to say, what foolishness to think so. Sometimes the change may occur under the influence of life situations. A girl can become angry, irritable, and sometimes you’re going to notice it. Often, changes in behavior are temporary, then everything is back to normal. Importantly, of course, to observe and to draw conclusions. And do it as often as possible!

2. To think that girls who share your interests, no

Experience shows that this is not so. There are girls who share your interests, and there are those who pretend that they share. No shortage of them. There is, incidentally, a special type of girls that adjust to each new guy, sharing his interests. I have one she asks. With me she shared interests in video games and history, and now, they say, indulges in Billiards, as her alleged husband.

The girl-gamer? There is now enough. The girl is seriously engaged in sports? There are also missing. The girl who dances the polka? But for God’s sake, there is enough! The main thing to look for in the right places. With like-minded fun, good and cool. Love has extra fuel to maintain interest, and sitting in a cafe can last for a long discussion on a subject. And that’s cool. Another error related to this point, to think that girls own hobby is not suitable for a relationship and are men. She’s got a cock? No? She has Boobs? This is not a man, it’s a girl, it’s friggin ‘ difficult to define. Interests don’t make a girl a man, a man it does something else, such as hormones. So men and girls from this post who think that it is impossible to meet a girl soul mate, you are very funny guys! Write more! It is worth noting that these girls and unable to farm, but the gentle air of the face and «simple babanki» can cook soup and disgusting to overcook the chicken. It does not depend on Hobbies, it depends on the hands of assholes.

3. Make assumptions and generalize

The most ridiculous and pathetic attempts to justify themselves and their failures are statements like: «All women are crazy», «Women are stupid and pathetic», «They are all prostitutes!». Anyone who is inclined to critical thinking, it is clear that this is not so. Should I explain that it is not and whoever says, miserable and just not able in any way to interact with girls? And, of course, these comrades, deceived by the girls that posts quotes from Protopopov and Novoselov, showing the world that they are not, and girls like that. It is clear that the lack of dour, narrow-minded and davalok, and just doubtful of yoga moms, but fools male and m*Dacians too short, right?

4. Constant attempts to put himself in her place

First, you will never be able to put yourself in the other person completely. We never truly know what goes on in the mind of another person. Thus we can achieve unnecessary sympathy and incorrect conclusions are sometimes quite simple and trite to ask.

5. Not to try to make sure that you are in the same relationship

Explain: this means to make sure that your relationship is equal. Sometimes the girl thinks you have a relationship, and you yourself have no idea what it is. Sometimes the reverse process, are you sure that this was serious, and she just meets up with you. A whore? No, you just have not previously discussed that you have a relationship where they are and how they look. You think that everything is clear, but are you sure of this? You know, to insult people and feed them with false expectations is not very good. You, of course, it may seem that the girl herself is to blame: I do not understand what you have going on. But your fault in this too: you haven’t marked the boundaries of the relationship and couldn’t break up with her when it became obvious that things are not so simple. I can see that happens very often, man, we just got used to ignore them and blame the other person.

6. Learn not to compromise

As I wrote in this article, when in love, compromise is normally the case. But if love is only formed, and our ego is strong, we may not «surrender to the enemy and span of the earth.» It is a great folly and an indication that you’re not an adult. Unfortunately, many people believe that the only thought that is true, it is their opinion. No one can ever be always right! Realize it finally and grow up.

7. Leave unresolved quarrels

Disgusting thought — to go to bed angry. Gestalt needs to be closed! Any disagreement must be brought to its logical conclusion, be it a breakup, compromise or hug. Unfinished quarrel in the soul leaves a residue and continues to reach in time, and you simply evade responsibility.

8. To get personal during an argument

The worst thing you can think of, is to remember the previous mistakes of a man to beat on the sore spot and to use other people’s shortcomings. «But all your ex’s were total*bans», «It’s because you eat like a pig», «you are a Fool like your mother.» It’s the worst arguments and insults in a quarrel. If you want, call her a fool, but not to get personal. First, it can do the same, and secondly, it automatically makes you stupid and a weakling who failed to end the dispute differently. She seems to forgive you but the residue will remain for a very long time and would float like shit in the hole.

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