Big nose the unexpected things that attract ladies

You, of course, my dear friend, I can say that girls are attracted to money, big dick and wandering eyes. Did I tell you, it’s much more complex and interesting. Actually girls can attract quite different things, sometimes rather unexpected. One of my fellow big nose, making it aquiline profile. On the profile he looks like an evil owl, but several girls in a row, most liked it it is this feature, the girls found him combative. Weird, huh? In fact, you can never understand what will attract a particular girl in you. Some like high, some like bellies, someone «blocks», someone like the dwarves are natural growth, and some nothing at all attracts, most importantly, that any man was near. But there are a few things that suddenly are on their merchants. In some ways, it reminds me of love some friends to a very bitter drink Kudin, from which some spit, and some squint in pleasure and useful properties.

1. Penis average size

Don’T let any female magazines and some men convince themselves that a big penis is the best in the world artifact, almost Excalibur. In fact, far from it. Of course foolish ladies will boast about their girlfriends, and themselves in the process will experience an awkward feeling that crap that goes in them, openly is large and reaches the uterus. And not everybody likes it. We already had an article about the dimensions of penises, but this point especially I would like to cancel the obviousness of certain things. Penis is small in size — certainly not something you can be proud of, especially if it is thin and curve. Not every girl will have such tastes, but the average penis is in the range of 15-18 inches — this valuable copy, especially when he has everything in order with the appearance and thickness. The Golden mean: don’t poke anywhere and it is currently normally populates the vagina, if it is not, of course, razdolbannye as the main character of «the Nymphomaniac».

2. Shaggy and need a haircut


Curl your hair in curls, when you went to the hairdresser on time? If you don’t look, well, just a fool, most girls like it rough. She creates such a fun look that draws attention and creates the effect you created it. Wasn’t trying to look especially beautiful. Or fucking creative personality. It’s even possible to fuck hipsters or similar aunt, if she’s not dumb.

3. Big nose


Or any distinctive characteristic that you have. Of course, crooked teeth is not what you like every girl. But, for example, all sorts of Jaredi Summer attract girls that they have something peculiar in appearance. Even on a bulbous nose, can find their wish.

Big nose, aquiline nose, long thin profile (of course, if you’re not a fan of low «Prior» and red moccasin) — in some ways, the girls seem to be original and interesting feature. Interesting nose, very much affect the appearance, if that, so I envy my friend who owned this valuable artifact. Sometimes he looked like a ruffled owl, but still attracted the ladies. Hmm… Strange-strange ladies.

4. Long hair


So anxious is typical of many unloved girls, Housewives, heroines of this article and a huge number of dudes, guys with long hair is passionately and madly romantic some favorite faces and just girls. And it doesn’t matter how her hair looks or that guy, as long as they were long as some of the legendary Tristram or Romeo.

Some girls like hair down to the shoulder, some prefer well-groomed hair, and some like to have long hair necessarily combined with the appearance of man. It is worth noting that long hair is like a beard, makes some much more attractive, and some the contrary destroys. However, as the combination of long hair and beards. Dude, otrashenie long hair can permanently alienate some of the girls, but attract others. Trust me, I know!

5. The lack of a car and the presence of bike or scooter


In fact, the presence of a large or other means of transportation are not necessarily important here, how you pozitsioniruesh no car. You know, there is a certain Mercantile stratum of women who by virtue of education and the constant kicking of their mothers, believe that a man must be with the car, because the car is the most important social capital. She will justify that in an emergency you must bring her by car to the hospital, but it can be done using taxis or the situation may happen when you’re not «on wheels». But with the growing popularity of a healthy lifestyle, veganism, fear of GMO, hipsters and other pieces, there was a huge reservoir of girls foaming at the mouth to prove the harmfulness of exhaust gases to the ozone layer and small birds. Among the hipsters, neo-hippies, ethnogenesis and special evil fans protection of the environment, man without a car and on a bike, who says he abandoned the car in the name of «our children’s future», takes the girl’s eyes a certain air of Holiness. Most importantly, it does not look very rogue that girls and others do not have the feeling that you just can’t afford to buy a car. Not corny to want too.

You, of course, my dear friend, I can say that girls are attracted to money, big dick and wandering eyes. Did I tell you, it’s much more complex and interesting.

You can still talk to pretty girls you’re terribly afraid to drive and always lose in Need for speed my friends. It is not strange, but this is their «merchants». Amazing life!

6. Nejnosti

manygoodtips.com_7.03.2014_VcYiC1izosnM1To be a bit of a nerd — a good idea. Nerdist attracts comely of Kerdock, which is not enough. By the way, recently, many girls decided that being a nerd cool, wore t-shirts with Mario, glasses, and started to play online toys, or Skyrim. They, of course, is not quite complete, enthusiastic girls. They do it for men, fashion and attention.

But simpatichnyh of Kerdock is now missing. Emancipation came on traditionally male Hobbies and appearance they captured the girls in a terrible way happy. In the pictures above, Jessica Nigri, model, gamer, beauty and the icon of the world of cosplay. Before sewing everything herself, and now has become a professional model. Luxurious chick. And like her enough.

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