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manygoodtips.com_18.06.2014_VwjHtW9b44uHFFashion, like any other field of human activity is parasitic on quackery. There is a universal advice, but good clothes is still not a panacea, and as in sports there are no «miracle products», and in dress there is nothing that will make fat candy. To divert attention, but not completely. In fact, these tips are not necessary, if you make up your mind, look at ourselves and not realize that it is necessary to change something. Do you have a big round belly, huge respect to the entire body the shoulders, a large «bottom», or all at once, you can try to use these simple tips to look better, but still worth a look in the category «Fitness»!

The importance of style for large men

For any person in the body regardless of gender, the wrapper is of great importance. Also how’s chubby, it will look in good clothes is interesting, also on full dude will look cool cool clothes. There are some simple rules for the style that should be.

1. Form

If your clothes will be poorly suited to your silhouette, much to speak, look out the wrinkles or pieces of cloth. It makes your form sloppy. By the way, lean and long man can boast that the chaos in his appearance looks harmonious, but not a great man. The effect of his sloppiness has only increased. Many large men dress in clothes a few sizes bigger thinking that they disguise their physique. But baggy clothes nobody else cheated.

2. Easy

Beautiful clothes for big men needs to be easy and the lack of variegation. Plain jackets, lightly striped shirts plus the lack of a large number of complex drawings.

3. Ease

A thick, heavy cloth accentuates your size and makes you look your body bulky. Heavy clothing holds sweat and increased sweating.

Good clothes

Best clothes for big men — a clear, crisp, not smeared body shape with an expressive silhouette. Such include suits, blazers, jackets, loose coats, a variety of light shirts that make you look neat and self-sufficient.

Smooth pants (unlike jeans) give a clean fun experience front, and in cold weather long coat is a great way to make a good impression with your whole body. In the summer you can wear a wife-beater unbuttoned sleeveless shirt: like hiding something, and like no.

Bad clothing

Bag with pictures and hood — not the best idea, especially if you instead of its native size L buy XXL.

This means that large people need to be careful when they purchase things like sweatshirts and sweaters. They can work, covering the ugly belly.

Sports clothes, obviously makes sense. Sometimes this can work, but there are some conditions when it will make you look a bit shapeless. Low formality that gives your image of the child in General has a negative impact on your appearance. Try to avoid leaving the house in sweatpants or athletic t-shirts. Leave them for the gym.

7 simple tips

1. Change the straps on the suspenders

It gives your appearance a pleasant hipsterness. You can buy a very slim belt, but suspenders on a pot-bellied still look better. With a wide belt of the man with the belly looks like a balloon with water and tied with a ribbon. The habit of wearing suspenders also helps to strengthen the habit of buying from good pants, because not every model has the anchors for suspenders. However, they can always sew.

2. Shirt with wide collar

If you have a broad face, buy clothing with a wide collar.

Free collars help to maintain the proportionality of the face and give more space to the complex knot of his tie. Big guy with a thin tie that has a tiny knot, looks a clown.

3. Wear a hat

Of course, the problem is that people are not wearing enough hats. Hat is one of those great style tools that make you look unusual.

Fat is often blamed for the fact that they are lazy. If you do not follow certain tips style, they really look bad, just not trying. The presence of the hat alludes to the fact that you tried. The headpiece also adds solidity and removes the emphasis on the second chin.

4. Jumpsuit

Overalls, especially denim is a classic manly style. Bib front helps flatten the appearance your stomach and pants are often wide, help to hide the flaws of big ass and legs.

5. Well-groomed facial hair and all

If you have hair and facial hair grow well, use it wisely. Neatly trimmed beard around his chin and lower jaw can dramatically improve your appearance. The same goes for overgrown on the head — even if it is at least neat.

Big guy with a neat beard is always considered as stylish small. And nobody cares that he has a stomach: the dude is definitely a hero of classic American novels beginning of XX century. I want people to take you seriously, but don’t think you need to lose weight? Work the style! Become this character in «Casablanca» or «Citizen Kane».

6. Accessories

Small things make anyone appearance more polished and make it interesting. It could even be a plastic ball-point pen protruding from his left breast pocket. Watches, bracelets, any accessories on the neck, even snobbish snobbish cufflinks or other pieces make the image more complex.

7. Loose straight long shirt

Shirt — is the salvation for the guy in the body. Especially if it is long enough to cover up the serious flaws of this figure. Flat long shirt, reminds the military of the early XX century, which were Hemingway and some famous friends, will make your bow fairly steep.

Free Polo is also your choice, wear it preferably with a fully unbuttoned buttons at the throat. A good choice for summer or Hawaiian.

Loose shirt with long sleeves to wear preferably with an unbuttoned collar, but do not overdo it, otherwise you’ll look like a fat Gypsy. The shirt should be straight and free, especially nice shirt with round extends to the bottom part.

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