Big biceps

Swing biceps is probably the most interesting part of the training. The biceps is one of the most visible muscles in the human body. Even if it is buried under layers of fat, it still can be felt. In addition, the results of your workout will affect your body very fast, and biceps is one of the most visible and attractive parts of the male body. For this reason, most people in the gym so diligently pump up your biceps. They know what they are doing!

Biceps are not only important for quality of appearance, but for life. How many household chores you can do with a strong muscles-flexors? And almost everything! Big biceps help you look strong, what really is not always true. But no matter what, in the eyes of the layman it is a definite indicator of power.

How many exercises for biceps you need to do for one workout

All training can be divided into three large groups according to the amount of knowledge acquired as a result of fitness experience, and the spent training of time. The number of exercises and repetitions during a single workout for beginners and experienced different.

Beginner: 3 exercises, 3 sets each. The number of repetitions as a whole — 9. You can increase from 10 to 15 for each exercise.

Middling: 3 exercises, 4 sets each. A total of 6 to 15 repetitions depending on your training goals.

Skilled: 3-4 exercises, 3-4 approach. Repeat from 6 to 21, depending on the purpose.


1.Alternate or simultaneous bending of hands with dumbbells

This exercise can be done on the bench at a right angle or at an incline for 30, 45 or 60 degrees. Can try several options for placing the bench at an angle to create a wide range of motion and greater load on the muscles. How to do it right?

Let your arms hang freely and be securely fixed in one position while driving.

Use the strength in their biceps to bend the arm until the very end.

When the dumbbells reach half way, wrap them inside and continue to bend the arm. This will increase the quality of the load on the biceps.

Prove biceps to the end and start to return to its original position.

There is an alternative this exercise, when you bend hands in turn. During this exercise, the second hand can rest.

2.A lifting on a biceps in a block training simulator standing


In many ways this movement resembles the bending of the rod in the biceps. The difference is that the bending occurs at a slightly different angle, which will give new stress on the muscle fibers. In some ways it gives you more control over your loads.

Press to the bottom of the block of a simulator straight handle. Stand with your back straight, legs slightly bend.

Avoid swinging the torso to help yourself move the weight, use only the biceps

Keep your shoulders and elbows to the body, hold them in this position all the time exercise. It will improve your result.

Use the power of the biceps to bend the bar and in the peak of the exercise slightly twist the brush inside. This will improve the result.

For best results use beams of different lengths.


3.Dumbbells flexion in the lower position

Americans for some reason call this type of exercise «concentrated bending». During exercise your brush together with the dumbbell almost touches the floor. You can also do this exercise standing up. Its main feature is that it must be done SLOWLY, feeling how tense every muscle in your arm. The exercise is done in three approaches. In each set of 10 repetitions. When you’re able to do more, pass on more weight without a twinge of conscience.

This is a great way to strengthen and build the biceps. Often, ill-prepared people under the elbow going to the small fold of fat or insufficiently drawn bicep near the elbow. This exercise helps perfectly outline.

The exercise can be performed on the Scott bench, standing and leaning on a shell. The upper edge of the bench needs to be wedged under the armpits and elbow. Touch the bench with your whole body, man, not clean and do not leave in the direction of the elbow, don’t move your hand! Use the power of the biceps to slowly bend the arm with the weight and bring it to shoulder level. After reaching a peak slowly return the dumbbell to its original position. Why is it necessary to do the exercise slowly rather than a quick choppy? Biceps are very vulnerable to injury, there is a sensitive elbow, man, and torn ligaments, no one is safe!

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