Big, beautiful Breasts is a dream of every man

Everyone has the right to beautiful Breasts. This is not the slogan of the clinic of plastic surgery and does not appeal to the female population. It is a statement of fact addressed to men. What a sin to conceal: big strong chest is beautiful. Remember the old Joe Weider or Franco Colombo with their immense breast cells and now look at her. Not impressive? And they say that the breast is easiest to pump. It may be much easier than getting pack abs, but if you want to chest muscles were pumped nicely and evenly, then pay attention to these painfully familiar exercises.


Pushups, of course, greatly benefit the chest muscles, but to call them exclusively breast exercise would be a crime. Each flexion of the elbows requires the participation of the body, shoulders and triceps. But it is a universal exercise for all times, therefore, does not require equipment and can be done anywhere, even at work. In addition, push-UPS full of modifications, for which it is not necessary to pay. Pushups is good for you at any level of training: you can simply change the width of focus or try to do push-UPS on one hand. If you were to exercise and your fitness is poor, you can do push-UPS from knees or put my feet up.

Pushups is the best way to warm up for more serious exercise. Start with the classic version by bending your elbows to 45 degrees to then add new exercise variations

until finally learn to do push-UPS in a vertical position, keeping the feet directed upwards.

Bench press with a barbell

Standard bench press is the best thing you can come up with for the chest muscles. Exercise is easy to learn, to perform and adjust in accordance with the power and individual abilities. In a 2012 study sponsored by the American Council on exercise has shown that the bench press is the most effective stimulation of the chest muscles.

In all normal rooms have stand-alone stations for the bench press where the weight can be set by yourself. If such stations at hand was not, you can use any wide, flat surface or inclined bench. But ask the man to insure you, especially if you took a lot of weight.

All you can do is to lie down on the bench, bend your knees, placing her feet on the floor, aligned with the hanging rod (it should be directly above the shoulder straps), remove the shell and start working. Most importantly, keep your arm straight, lower the barbell to the chest, not the throat or the navel, and do not confuse the Golden rule: inspiratory rod lowered on the exhale along with a deep wikidom rushes up.

Bench press with dumbbells

If the bar press is an exercise for everyone and especially for confident beginners, the dumbbell bench press lying — exercise for professionals. The main burden falls on the pectoralis muscle, also take an active part of the Delta, biceps and triceps.


Dumbbell bench press lying compared to the bench press bar is less coordination exercise. There is no need to follow the movement of the neck in a vertical plane, so the athlete focuses more on the main job. The most powerful part of this exercise is the bottom where the chest muscles get maximum stretch and more tension.

The main advantage of dumbbells before a barbell can be called that, their range of motion much more: you can work with each side of the pectoral muscles independently, you can work without insuring partner, the load falls exactly in the pectoral muscle because you can change the position of the dumbbells at the top for maximum sensation pectorales muscles, there are many variations of run, free weights are always available in the hall, and the bar is often crowded.

During exercise it is important to remember that you should never go straight back on the bench —always prohibi back. It is impossible to make the major mistake — knocking dumbbells together. Don’t even try to flounder your feet — try to move them as little as possible.

Press and dumbbells

Exercise, who has expressed his respect for the front deltoid and clavicular muscles, thoracic cage, shoulder girdle and, in fact, the whole upper part of the human body.

The most important thing is to adjust your bench so that it took a 45 degree slope. The slope can be increased, but then the whole load goes to the shoulders. Bear in mind that when you take the time shoulders.

The exercise is done in a completely elementary way, without any frills and sverhuspeshnyh. You lie on the bench: in the hands of the dumbbell, in the eyes of rage. In the starting position the dumbbells are at hip. When you’re ready, use your knees to help push the dumbbell up, trying to keep his hands above his chest. Your wrists must be strong and straight. Frozen in this position, on inhale, lower the dumbbells to the shoulders. Then, on the exhale, bring them back to the starting position. It’s simple.

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