Bicycles has reached a new level


Are you a good person since I first got the bike. Now imagine if it is amazing in its use of the invention to mix with the equally cool devices! Real instances of the category of «miracle of technology».

1. Foot table Big Rig Pedal Desk


How often do you extra late at work, missed your workout, then berating myself last words? Foot Table Big Rig Pedal Desk is able to kill two birds with one stone! With the help of this engineering marvel you can work and perform cardio workouts.

Plus, this device is capable of producing electricity for the laptop to which it is connected. However, you will have to buy the generator for $400, and if you want to gather energy for other gadgets, add another $150 for a capacious battery. And it’s not all the possibilities: pedal-table can be used as a water pump, grinding machine and air compressor. The project has already raised $16 million (when you request $10 million) on Kickstarter, so his appearance in the mass market is expected in the near future.

2. Pedal mower Mow Cycle


What a beauty – warm day to get out in your garden, open a jar of the foam and enjoy the aroma of freshly cut grass… sitting on a lawnmower!

Mow Cycle is similar to a tricycle, the bottom of which is attached to the mower drum. This unique design was invented by designer Bicycle from new Hampshire Ted Logicom and his son, a mechanic for the Code. The first version of the pedal the mower has an internal geared five-speed rear axle of the Bicycle with foot brake, which prevents clogging with grass. In future models Vojik plans to use a fixed drive rear axle, thereby enabling the user optionally to pedal back.

3. Pedal blender Fender Blender Pro


The idea is simple, as all ingenious: pedal to make a smoothie.

4. Bike-washing machine, The Bike Washing Machine


Throw dirty clothes in the drum machine and start to twist hard. No electricity – only the cardio and clean clothes in the form of a bonus. But if the linen is badly washed off, it is only your fault – next time say active!

5. Bike bar Velopresso


Velopresso is another tricycle driver who is also a Barista at the coffee shop. The front part of the machine is a coffee machine, cupboard with ingredients and a small bar. Pedal drive the front wheel of the bike-the coffeemaker switches and pedal, grinding coffee beans. The machine is equipped with an awning to protect from rain malabarista. Velopresso is used for street sales of the drinks, service crowded open-airs.

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