Best sex positions for small size

small dick

The question of fallometrii serious and at the same time incredibly funny. The theme that is called hot, every can insert in her discussion of her broken penny. «Size doesn’t matter?» «What’s cooler, length or width?» «Why are you so bad, your dick is that small?» In short, a lot of butchertown, good and different, we all have bombs on your topic.

To bomb a little less talk about statistics. The average penis length is 15 cm. If someone is not lucky and he, alas, is outside the lower limit of normal, first, let’s commiserate him. Secondly, let’s say that too much of buoys, too, has its disadvantages: if used at the wrong angle, instead of pleasure a woman experiences pain. Even the small size you don’t deprive you of the opportunity to please a woman. In the end, all the things has benefits, if applied correctly, technically and by appointment.

In the beginning

Sex is more than just poke-poke, we all know how important foreplay. Dudes with small penises should use it as efficiently as possible, prolonging foreplay until his partner had no will be quite ready. The closer she is to orgasm at the moment of penetration, the easier it will be to satisfy it (using correct position).

All the attention on the prelude

Foreplay should include everything like your friend. Kissing and petting are always a topic, but don’t limit yourself to old-fashioned and well-known methods. Her favorite toys, dirty talk, biting, spanking — all is in motion. To do what she loves to it as much as possible warmed up and was eager to start.

The clitoris

A very sensitive area, which is only necessary to take the maximum. Stimulate him in any way, and if she reaches orgasm before you.


1. Doggie-style

When it is possible to find the correct angle, the doggie-style can make even the smallest penis feel big. It is best if her shoulders and head lie on the pillow and ass raised up. To find the best angle, she needs to arch his back and move your hips. It is not only the simplest position for dudes with a small dick, but the most popular.

A little tip: Lean forward during penetration and maintain the closest possible physical contact in which you to move comfortably. So you will be closer to each other, and your efforts more productive.

2. Antelope

This option is doggie-style. Both of you should kneel on the floor in front of the bed, the woman rests on her hands. The pose is particularly good because you have both hands free you can stimulate her erogenous zones. You can even spank her opens a lot of room for such experiments.

3. Snake

In this position, the woman lies on the abdomen with his legs. To make it easier and more comfortable, put her thigh under the pillow, will create an optimal angle. Bend your knees and annexe above. Slightly spread her thighs to make it easier to enter. Try not to lean on the friend with all his weight lean on something with your hand.

A little tip: If you want to narrowly squeeze her hips during penetration. Again, you can beat.

4. Bunny ears

Deposits friend on the back, open her legs and lift them up until her knees closer to her ears. Put it under the pillow to create the proper angle. When you enter, it will be difficult, but when you’re restadores, it will be hard to hold your legs in this position. Help her with your hands.

Small tip: Here her free hand and she can use them to your benefit! Can hint to her without a word, just grab her hand and pull in the right direction.

5. V-shaped

The woman lies on her back, and you settle down between her legs. Now lift her legs, grasping the ankle, and then throw them to the side, it turns out the shape of the letter V. In this position a small dick you can shove deep enough for convenience, suggest to lean on the wall or the headboard. To do this, without changing his position, allocate her legs on his shoulders.

A small tip: This position gives you the opportunity to stimulate her Clit. Release one hand, resting her foot on his shoulder, and for the cause!

Understand, man, society size is considered very important, but the truth is more complicated: the female orgasm depends not only on magnitude but also on how the person is able to cope with what has awarded its nature. Yes, you will have to work with my hands, but it can be even owners of large units. To take the situation into their own hands much better than to be upset, downcast.

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