Best marinades for barbecue

Poradi.s.ua_12.05.2014_UmPhNEm93vCkrMethods of cooking marinade sauce — a lot. We have selected some of the most interesting recipes for each type of meat.

Marinade for pork

You will need:

40 g of honey;

50 g of soy sauce;

50 g of beer;

1 clove of garlic;

1 pod red chili peppers;

1 sprig of rosemary.

Grind garlic, mix with the remaining ingredients. Pour the resulting marinade pork and leave in the fridge for a few days.

Marinade for lamb

You will need:

3 cloves of garlic;

the juice of one lemon;

100 g of sesame seeds;

50 g coriander;

100 ml vegetable oil;

salt and pepper to taste.

Grind the cilantro and garlic. Put sesame seeds in blender, pour 1/3 Cup warm water and grind the seeds. The resulting sesame paste add lemon juice and oil, add garlic and coriander and beat all this into the blender again. Season with salt, can also add pepper to taste. Brush the marinade on the lamb and leave for a few hours.

Marinade for lamb

You will need:

120 g of unsweetened yogurt;

1 sprig of mint;

1 sprig cilantro;

1 clove of garlic;

salt and pepper to taste.

Grind garlic, mix it with yoghurt and spices, add salt and pepper. Pour the resulting marinade the meat and leave in the fridge for 1-2 days.

Marinade for venison

You will need:

½ Cup onion powder;

½ Cup garlic powder;

2 tbsp thyme;

10-15 juniper berries;

2 tbsp dark brown sugar;

2 tbsp salt;

1 sprig of rosemary.

Gave stems of rosemary leaves chopped as fine as possible. Juniper berries are you in a mortar. Mix all ingredients of the marinade and thoroughly RUB it into the meat. Hang meat in a cool dry place for a day or two.

Marinade for poultry

You will need:

250 ml fat yogurt;

2 cm fresh ginger root;

2 cloves of garlic;

1 green Chile;

3 tbsp vegetable oil;

1 tbsp of coriander;

salt and pepper to taste.

In yogurt, add spices, beat in a blender until smooth. Melt the butter, pour in the yogurt. Fill the bird with the marinade and leave for 12 hours.

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