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manygoodtips.com_5.03.2015_c3ALRjec1obnPMovies about astronauts, unfortunately, was not so much, how many Galaxies in the Universe, but a lot of them. Even merciless bollywood makes films about how a good guy with a sensitive heart the name of Rabindranath saves the space from the evil Raja and then he finds out that his dad.

Let’s remember all (or almost all) the coolest movie of the astronauts.

Matt Kowalski


Actor: George Clooney

Movie: «Gravity»

George Clooney really good actor. But is Nespresso, Martini and the movies, where he plays a charismatic, dapper «don Juan», it looks more harmonious. The film is beautiful in itself, Clooney played well.

George Taylor


Actor: Charlton Heston

Film planet of the apes

Sort of a John McClane monkey in the rear. We’re talking about the first film in the franchise, released in 1968-m to year. At the time, Charlton Heston was the main movie character kapitalisticheskogo cinema. Of course, in this film, he more than proved himself as a major monkey enemy than an astronaut. But first and foremost, George Taylor pilot drifted to that hit for 2000 years. If you do not understand, then Taylor left.

Ryan Stone


Actor:Sandra Bullock (bullock)

Movie: «Gravity»

Gravity is a film about perseverance and simple persistent woman named Ryan stone. Here Sandra Bullock is more suited to his character than George Clooney. In any case, to watch over the years Ms. Bullock in space was very exciting and interesting.



Actor: Sigourney Weaver

Movie: Alien

Well, where do without it! Ripley (pictured right) first showed us how to behave with aliens. Harsh woman who knows everything and fears nothing: no sex with aliens, no killing, no destruction of the ship. It’s hard to imagine doing that someone other than weaver.

A. J. Frost


Actor: You ‘re Ben Affleck

The Film «Armageddon»

You may ask, why’re Ben Affleck (pictured dressed as a janitor) in the list is lower than Willis? After all, both may be a stretch to call the astronauts, they are after all drillers. And played both well. And I’ll explain. Just the hero Willis was not afraid to give his life for the salvation of mankind, while the frost would have better things to do – Liv Tyler.

Harry Stamper


Actor: Bruce Willis

The Film «Armageddon»

But the character of Bruce Willis couldn’t play with Liv Tyler, as the scenario was her father. Therefore, entrusting the daughter of Aragorn… I mean Hey Jay, are gone for good song dad, Liv Tyler. But still it was great. Drillers mow astronauts, save the world, Bruce is still hairy… beautiful!



Actor: Matthew McConaughey

Movie: Interstellar

The film is about the man, this diplomirana the astronaut who sacrificed his life for the lives of 7 billion strangers. Hero McConaughey causes the same amount of respect and sympathy, how much did you collect this movie in worldwide box office. Believe, talking about how good McConaughey has no meaning?

Jim Lovell


Actor: Tom Hanks

Movie: «Apollo 13»

The most plausible astronaut with the most realistic film about astronauts. Let’s look at it in more detail. Tom Hanks plays an astronaut in the film, based on real events. Great! Even «Oscar» was awarded for best film. However, Hanks was not given the award for best actor, but he played very convincingly.


Actor: Vasily Livanov

Movie: «Mystery of the third planet»

The most charismatic Soviet cosmonaut after Gagarin and Leonov. Or more simply, «the giant archaeologist from the planet Camarosa, menacing monster, looks directly at the elephant and octopus, and the kindest thing in the shower.» Chic was the cartoon, «Mystery of the third planet». And Gromozeka was only here because of his charisma and because the other characters except him and Alice, no one remembers. By the way, charisma staged the legendary Sherlock Holmes – Vasily Livanov, who voiced the character.

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