Best cars 2016, which is difficult not to dream

Many claimed that 2015 was not the best for the global automotive industry. I should note that the experts were wrong — 2016 was not worse. Hammond, may and Clarkson on Top Gear was revived under the name of Grand Tour. This one can be safely put in the piggy Bank. A lot of the cars were the stars, as soon as the wheels touched on the pavement, and some had to look much more carefully. Here about those and other we will now discuss.

Cadillac CT6

Base price: $53,495

Don’t need many words to explain why Cadillac st6 is one of the best cars in 2016. To the magical power of American style added an interesting stylistic decisions that look strong advantages, especially in comparison with European and Japanese competitors.

Inside the cabin, as always, a hectare of space for everyone to feel comfortable: the driver and a fifth passenger. st6 also stands out for its technological stuffing — which are just rear view camera, mirrors, and a fantastic interface that is highly functional and helps a driver. It is those technologies that really work and help and not just stuffed in order to raise the cost.

Jaguar XE

Base price: $34,900

The long-awaited British answer to German sport sedans. Because the new «Jaguar» it is considered as the main contender for the title of best sport sedan. It is quite competitive in terms of price, has an excellent frame and high performance, well managed and, importantly for many buyers, looks absolutely amazing.

As for the engine, then you can choose ranging from efficient diesel to a screaming 340 l, fitted V6. So the buyer can choose the Jaguar for themselves.

Chevrolet Bolt EV

Base price: $37,496

With all the hysteria around tesla Model 3, as it was released from the attention to the fact that Chevrolet invented the electric car, able to go 238 miles on a single charge and cost less than $40,000. By the way, it is believed that Volt is able to travel more, and its price may soon drop, which is unlikely.

In any case, agile Volt is already superior to their electronic counterparts, not to mention conventional cars.

Audi R8

Base price: $162,900

Need to spend a lot of time to find a car that could even slightly exceed it.

Audi R8 meets or beats its competitors in nearly every dimension. Such beauty can ride all year round with all wheel drive, performance that surpasses almost all others on the road, and… a regular Audi. 2016 marked the beginning of the second generation of the R8, which is reflected in its parts. In the cabin, every detail consistent with the traditions of Audi. The car is moderately large and at first a bit difficult to understand, although the ergonomics of the R8 immediately inspire respect. The instrument panel is smoothly truncated around at the bottom of the steering «wheel» with transpecies design. Central console original layout stands out for the asymmetrical baffles ventilation, multimedia complex with a large color screen and low-set dashboard «climate». Well, its V10 is a true work of art that is experienced only in the riding process.

Ford F-150 Raptor

Base price: $48,325

Car for daily use, which is able to deliver 160 km/h in the desert and not lose your electronics.

In the development of the second generation «Raptor» Ford added some visual changes, raised the suspension and carefully dug into the stuffing. Engineers have managed to create a fierce mix of SUVs and trucks, which has no equal in the world. That is to say, a crazy car for crazy drivers. It was created in order to develop the three-digit speed in places that are not designed for this. And most importantly — it will be like before easily controlled. Despite the complete absence of roads, the inside is so comfortable, as if you’re sitting behind the wheel of the monster, and go to work in the family sedan.

Kia Optima LX 1.6 T

Base price: $24,140

Quite unusual to see such expensive among KIA cars. Moreover, the Optima are not the sexiest machine in the noble Korean family. But the LX 1.6 T old model is transformed into the best car for long trips. Three versions of the engine and transmission fill its European nature thanks to the excellent 7-speed transmission with dual automatic clutch, smooth power at low revs and fuel economy, which sends right into the mid 40-ies on the highway. Outside, the Optima has also changed and began to look almost better than anyone in his class. The vehicle in which the 10-hour road will pass with the maximum comfort, thanks to the hardware and external design, it becomes an unforgettable charm and unprecedented competitiveness.

Volvo S90

Base price: $46,950

This car combines the Holy Trinity of the world of luxury sedans: technology, security and beauty. The Swedes were constantly accused that their vehicle, despite its characteristics, look just awful. This time they listened and stirred up all the designers who showed such a masterpiece. Optimized and orthopedic chairs — this is the miracle that makes blind eyes to all the cons.

In the last few years, Volvo is gradually rebuilding his reputation, but this model managed to show the middle finger to all competitors, not only business sedans, but Tesla and the notorious.

Honda Ridgeline

Base price: $29,475

Despite its formidable appearance, manage it — a pleasure. The impression that you’re driving a sedan, not a truck. To be more precise to say that it’s a truck that rides like «chord», and the only thing that can break a glass-smooth ride — incompetent driver. By the way, extraneous sounds from the outside world to irritate will not be as acoustic laminated glass carefully guards the membranes of their hosts. So if you need a humble pickup truck, captures the outside and soothing in the process drive is the best option. Because it is almost two times cheaper than the same «Raptor».

Jaguar F-PACE

Base price: $41,990

Out of nowhere, «Jag» showed the world that knows how to make SUVs. The result is a surprisingly beautiful SUV, which turned out to be the beginnings as a sports car and a family vehicle. But, regardless of what’s under the hood: an economical 2-litre diesel or the powerful 3-liter supercharged V6, you still feel branded «guarascio» power and the characteristic predatory snarl, who wins this car. Inside will fit five people with their Luggage and so they won’t be bored inside the car will shake 825-watt premium stereo system. As you can see, all grown-up.

McLaren 570GT

Base price: $201,450

570GT is a high — performance, dvuhdverny, which, despite the striking similarity with the model 570S, much better than its predecessor. Just look at it more graceful lines and more gentle temper. It is possible to race off into the distance, to plunge into debauchery, or to go to a business meeting — it would be appropriate to look everywhere. 570GT has a competitive advantage compared to other supercars in its price range and above, it’s a lightning-quick steering, gas and braking. If this wonderful car has a fault, only that the roof passes too much heat and brightness on Sunny days.

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