Best 20-minute workout

Best 20-minute workout

For example, you just need to keep yourself in shape. You’ve lost weight, been working out, and you beam. That’s just the trouble — no time to go to a full swing, and you are satisfied in your appearance. So what do you do to keep yourself and your muscles in good shape? How to swim and be cool? Answer: a special 20-minute workout for men to maintain a healthy body. All this is done in a gym, ideal as an addition to the basic training. Or tone, as we have already told you.

To begin, we note that the number of repetitions of the exercise 3-4. Between repetitions to rest undesirable. But between exercises, 2-3 minutes.

1. Squats with dumbbells, 31.07.2013, yWMG2cSkoYFxWCX6ywYhHgv1EAT9xSzy

Start exercises from stand feet slightly wider than shoulder width. Hold dumbbells on bent hands in front of him, elbows above. On the exhale, sit with the dumbbells at the same time and release them.

One approach to 15 times.

2. Back lunge with dumbbells, 31.07.2013, AHUHH9oqkZV63v8E3ihbk3YR0tANv8FJ

Well, you know how to do it, right? Take smaller dumbbells first to practice the technique. Do 16 repetitions.

3. Pushups of all kinds, 31.07.2013, vS4Lt03WWbs706jhP020rMR6Pq0LQBGS

Read more about push-UPS you can read here. Repeat to failure as you can.

4. Pullups, 31.07.2013, t1nuCqEDgGI012615RlSHNAHXFNHmYft

You also need to repeat to failure. The grip is not tight, friend! Be harsh.

5. Craving a vertical block to the chest

Put your legs up as far as possible. Pull the unit over so that it touched the chest, or he had to her quite a bit. Hold it in this position and release. Repeat as much as you can, man, to the pain in the muscles. Don’t forget to bend your back backwards. If you start to ache or you start to experience acute discomfort, reduce the weight of the load on one division. Otherwise you’re like me two weeks ago when my back something suddenly popped and I almost fell from the pain.

6. Turns with a load, 31.07.2013, 5HDFvsNBPaoUCDxt5amyOjBtKJsYNECZ

And now exercise for abdominal muscles. Yes, and not only. For starters learn to keep balance, if you haven’t learned how to do it. Legs held the weight through the power of the press, lower back and other things. Legs crossed, which only enhances the effect and the difficulty of the exercise. And slightly stretched forward in a bent condition. Difficult, Yes? Now take the load. It might be heavy athletic ball, dumbbell or plate of the barbell. The cargo hold with two hands, you need to turn from side to side, loading those obliques. Despite its overt complexity, shakes exercise almost all muscles of a press. Every other day try to increase the amount of time in the approach of at least 1.

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