Berserker: tube card game for the guy


There are many ways to entertain themselves in a dull and troubled times. You can for example watch TV series, read a book or to cut a fret saw a mock leaning tower of Pisa to your mental state, friends were described from the standpoint of Sigmund Freud. But it will be too dull, but I want something new. But what? Or is there something that is not boring, does not lose its fine qualities and is available for any person? Will reply simply just: remember the cards!

The era of card games

If you played the last «Witcher», you probably remember that the guys there are harsh places were cut in the tavern in a card game called «Screw». To be honest, she sucked me no less than the main plot. Soon, in one of the lonely evenings, it dawned on me that these games are cool to play with soulless NPCs, and living with guys, friends and girlfriends.

In General, the fantasy world of card games today is actively developing. It turns out a lot of card sets, and in the country often hold special tournaments (where the prizes are and fun and vocation in the community). In Russia, for example, these tournaments closely involved in publishing of Board games HobbyWorld. Itself the geek culture screams that this vacuum should be filled, because we do not like to just discuss movies or. alone, Yes, and to drink every day is not highly recommended. We found that among us many people who similarly relate to the world, have similar interests and think almost the same. The conflict of modern dudes often becomes the game plane. This is both good and pleasant. Using high-quality card games, home-designed universe, original drawings and, most importantly, good balance (Oh, forget that too often), not only to entertain, but also to get rid of stress, get in some world. And that’s not to mention sporting interest.

«Berserk. Heroes»

In very ancient times, when gravitational waves were just a myth, but quadcopters – a terrible word, there was one very interesting Russian game. And it was called «berserk». This monster card released to the market in 2003, and then «berserk» stuck in the minds of many gamers who prefer offline life.

The Game «Berserk.Heroes» is the logical continuation of the good old «Berserk». Unable to speak openly about the new generation and new gameplay, where the main role is obviously played cards and unique characters. In addition, the deck has cards of events, spells, creatures, weapons.Hero, for example – is always the same. This is the coolest guy (or lady) in your deck, which can reach 40 or more cards. The hero always full of life, there are a number of cool abilities, and he, unlike other cards, is open from the beginning of the game. The hero can cling miscellaneous gear. Usually, as they are weapons, amulets, and any armor. Of course, it is impossible to fasten on the body, two types of armor, but it is always possible to replace one device with another. Then there are the creature – a kind of army, which can consist of different kinds of debris, monsters, or men of honor. They also have a health bar (life), strength and some certain abilities. But these cards are short-lived, so they will be sent to the «graveyard». But you can always strengthen the army spell card. Although they have a one-time effect, can rapidly change the tide of battle. Well, let’s not forget that the cards are «events». The effect applies immediately to all players as long as the event is not replaced by others.

The beauty of the game is that each type of card is important, and their characteristics need to be combined in clever tactics. You need to be flexible in the strategy to quickly and accurately respond to various game situations and show flexibility of mind. It’s one thing to play with a rookie and another with a hardened warrior who has seen in his lifetime all that is Amateur hardcore, if he will get a brutal enemy, get hardcore. But if you want to kill time on a Saturday evening with a friend, not particularly thinking about strategy and not straining gyrus, «berserk.Heroes» and this will help you.

If we talk about the rules, they are simple. You can’t infinitely use the strong cards, because the more conditional «creature», the more will come his arrival on the playing field. Each card, therefore, is gold. Only hero free and fighting for you, not for Mercantile interests. When you make your deck, pay attention to the fact that the cards are separated not only by type but also by their «elements». All «elements» of six, and each has certain advantages and, of course, aesthetics: darkness, steppes, forests, mountains, swamps, and neutral. You can collect a mixed deck, and it is possible to focus on a certain element – the choice is yours. But it is worth remembering that «working deck» of the same number of cards should not exceed three, except that the cards with the feature «Horde» can afford more.

First, you mix the deck, and then take the top four cards. If you for some reason are not pleased, I can reset and get the other. But it can be done only once for a party, otherwise no intrigue, right? At the beginning of the course you will receive «salary» equal to one gold. Can spend at once, and can collect on the card stronger. In any case, more than ten gold pieces you should not keep. In General, pay card and play it, or thinking of playing in the next round.

The meaning of this card fun is to bathe in the blood of your character. If he has no life left, you lose. But the game itself can be divided into three stages: the beginning of a move, the main move, end turn.

Beginning flow

Here we update the gold, open the hole cards. Features that can be used once per turn, also become available. Everything else, we take one card from the deck and put her on the field of battle. If the cards left, you can skip this, but if this is repeated three times in a row, you, our friend, lost. If you want to play something special «in the beginning of the turn», don’t hesitate to use it.

Main course

Then play a card from your hand and attack the enemy: use the possibilities of his character and other buns. If we talk about the standard of the party, each creature can make a single blow, and each character – to use one ability, but that doesn’t matter if the cards are written differently. So read carefully and use in full.

The end of the turn

At this moment we use all the features «at end of turn» and pass the reins to the enemy – now it’s his turn.

Of course, we only described the General situation. There are many subtleties and nuances like the assignment of a lawyer. But this can already read the instructions or understand during the game. Challenging the rules is nothing, but a pleasant lot.

Where to start


Generally, all the card sets that you can buy, are combined in the so-called «boosters», which contain one hero and army (with the weather, weapons and other things). Typically, they represent topics like booster with Ravensara. If all you ever played «Heroes 3» for the undead, Revankar your subject, and you have some idea what we can expect from him. If we talk about this particular booster, it is a dark deck 41 card training deck of 21 cards, that is, with one booster you can bring your friend to the game. But we still recommend getting one interested in buying your own set with a different character. Thus you would have your own full deck and opponent.

If drawn, sooner or later will want to deal with this subject more seriously. Here you can help tournaments, which are conducted by Amateurs and professionals around the world. Probably, if you’re going to communicate closely with the community of players will find themed events in the city. But by themselves these cards are extremely valuable. Many just collect them and not even allowed in the case. If you’re one of those guys, watch out for updates of the card number, and they will be.

Another wish if you want to spend you time and more victories!

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