Benefit on survival: learning how to fight

manygoodtips.com_15.04.2015_BaxOSynoc2KAPTimes are tough, dangerous. No one is immune from the encroachments of cattle, lost drunks and the like, whether in the bar or on the street. And so continues to share with you skills that will help cope with the harsh UPS and downs of life.

1. Self-control

Calmness, only calmness. In any fight, no matter how big the opponent, how many, and what kind of weapon they’re going to break your skull, the main thing is to remain calm. Judge for yourself: anger, excitement, fear will only prevent you to navigate to find the «Achilles ‘ heel» and wrest it from the meat to hell. Even van Damme had weaknesses. For example, friendship with Kadyrov. But in order to hit it in such a place, you must first calm confidence. Engaging in battle, you need to instantly assess the strength of the enemy and the environment, to formulate a plan of action and with determination and courage to put it into practice. Or rather, to do the enemy as much as possible painful.

The plan should be as follows:

– the purpose of the fight (detention of the enemy, its neutralization or destruction of, private retreat);

– used means of combat (weapons, enemies, specific basic elements);

– combat tactics (offensive, defensive, furious, exhausting, agile).

You say that for too long, it is much easier to hit where it hurts, and run away. But so it is necessary to choose the most effective place. And then slap him and… nothing. Get a place near the Kremlin wall.

2. Be natural

Strictly speaking, for combat fit any body position. Even bedridden. No, do not rush to pretend to fall dead. These tricks will not work. It is important to remember about such concepts as «fighting position» or «stand». It should be in the same comfortable, relaxed and at the same time, suitable for good protection and a sharp, like a blow with a sickle in the balls, counterattacks.

It is important to avoid two extremes: it is impossible to stand in one place post and you can’t bounce on his toes like a boxer in the ring, you’re not rocky. And rocky, by the way, did not jump. Especially that bloody street meat has nothing to do with the noble fight in the ring.

3. Distract attention

Diverting the enemy’s attention, you get the chance to have your reception suddenly and with maximum results. There are a few methods of distraction. It is not enough to shout: «Look, September is on fire!». Here we need to act smarter.

The demonstration of peaceful intentions

Try their facial expressions, voice and gestures to show their complacent attitude to the opponent, if it is not the man who wants to kill you because you slept with his wife and sparring partner. And then, when he will fall for your spell like a rat, turn it off.


No, it is not necessary to shout «help.» Remember movies, games, where warriors before battle, shouted loudly before the fight. it is necessary to try to shout loud, threatening and scary. In General, as close to the Orc roar. This «tool» always entails a stop involuntary movements or poor coordination. Creek allows you to seize the initiative and counterattack. And, finally, helps to relax and overcome nervousness. That’s why during battles, soldiers usually shout.

The use of improvised means

It’s simple: throw in the face of dirt, sand, «the rose» from the bottle – in short, everything that will allow you to effectively finish off the enemy.

4. Distance

Be sure to wisely choose the distance. There are three species:

– long-range, or sphere of action (step 2);

– medium, or field of action open hand and fist (step 1);

near, or close combat (sometimes in the arms).

«Cut» in the far distance the person repeatedly broken, besides, greatly excited, or drunk is almost impossible. So don’t try.

Also, while at long range the enemy can pick up from the ground the means at hand (stones, bottles, sticks) and to introduce them to your face. Or worse – to get sharpening and other items of an unfair fight.

This is one way to reduce the distance and then or to cut down a beautiful uppercut in the style of Muhammad Ali, or to stop the attack with a powerful kick in the style of van Damme, or to capture and defeat clothed in the style of Alexander Karelin. Oh, and don’t forget that the most powerful blows (the base of the fist, elbow, knee, head) also require close range.

5. Basic strikes

The most frequently used combination of elements of basic equipment includes: punch, or a bunch of bumps (not forgetting the slopes and blocks), grasp (hand) and then throw.

The cast is generally very strong and effective weapon. Not necessarily, especially if the opponent twice. You can push away from you, exposing the back step, or bring down to earth cutting.

In General, to let the troublemaker will be very useful. The first one or two seconds after the fall it is impossible to avoid finishing kicks in the face. Especially immediately after a good throw it is impossible to rise to his feet and rushed to the counter. So don’t ignore throws.

6. Punching

If the fight is at medium-long range, where to reach the elbows or knees is not possible, then you need to strike hands, clenched in fists, and hit with the knuckles of your index and ring fingers. It would be nice to work out the bumps. But not on the younger brother, or beloved friend, and not very hard Boxing bag, to get a feel for how stacked the fingers, not to dislodge the hand in battle. Otherwise, the joy of victory significantly frown. Well, at close range and in the clinch don’t forget the knee strikes and elbows to the chin.

7. Proper protection

Any successful fight is impossible without good protection. In the melee missed the first shot may be the last, especially if the arm is augmented with a knife. This is not a Boxing ring where you can skip a heavy blow, then recover and win the match. Here we must always be on guard.

The main requirement for correct protection is timeliness. You should try to put, say, a block, but not too early and not too late. So, blocking and dodging most effective in those moments of enemy attacks when he’s coasting already can not change the trajectory, to stop or to calm down. It is important to remember that good protection is the right way to counterattack. And the unit should be placed so that then it was convenient to beat.

Means proper protection are: rotate the housing, biases, dives, squats, the deflection of the attacking limb, and head protection forearms, elbows raised defensive hands. And in General, try to protect your head. Even you have two kidneys, and the head-only one.

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