Belt Scooter belt turns into a scooter


For example, for a personal car you haven’t saved up, nowhere to store bike, roller skating don’t know how, and to descend/climb in the subway, carrying on the backs of your scooter, you have no more strength. For example. Do you think the world of modern hybrid technology has no answer to your thirty-three misfortunes? Wrong! It is time to introduce you to a designer from Hungary, Adam TORK, or rather, with his new invention called Belt Scooter.

This unique vehicle, which you can wear as a strap, securing at the waist. Miniature compact scooter Belt Scooter is made of metal, rubber, nylon and plywood. But to have that thing you wrap around belt, platform legs made quite narrow. Maybe later, the device made the appropriate adjustments.

This belt-scooter could be considered a full and functioning, because it is equipped with a steering wheel, brakes and high quality wheels from rubber. Perhaps, this belt is not worth it to put together with a strict classic suit, but agreed the idea is cool. Author Scooter Belt said he plans to bring to mind the appearance of the belt and increase the area of the platform for foot, then, most likely, he will launch his project on Kickstarter.

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