Belt for beer…

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Among beer lovers often arises a dilemma: what to do with a beer if the right hands. For example, you need to put your food, hug a lady to hug another lady. In short, the two hands is not enough and three is asymmetrical.

So weird and smart guys developed… holder for beer, located on the belt.

Despite the frankly idiotic kind of person with a beer bottle on the perineum, it is safe to say that it is at least convenient. At first glance, an ordinary belt, but the front panel is detachable, turning the zone into a stand. The beer bottle is held in upright position by means of a ring, which is worn on her. If strongly not to run and not flickers, then there is every chance not to spill the beer.

A large plaque draws attention to the perineum, going like a cowboy to go. Cool. There is such a zone 34 of the dollar.

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