Beliefs that throw us back into the dark ages

It is no secret that mankind loves to believe in the dubious nonsense such as homeopathy, deities and the existence of various matters. Such questionable beliefs throw us back into the dark ages, pushing personal and cultural progress of humanity. These prejudices are stupid and harmful, they urgently need to get rid of, but it’s not as easy as we think. Indeed, sometimes it is not only prejudice, but the stereotypes that we believe, for whatever reasons. Some points in this article will surprise you and some not at all. In any case, I await your review.

1. We are fulfilling prophecy

60 percent of Americans believe that Jesus will descend from heaven with the angels to destroy the Earth. 40 percent of them believe that it will happen soon. 1 out of 4 Americans believe that the war in Syria could lead to the Apocalypse, and they somehow do not remember that the same thought about the other war. A lot of Russians strongly believes in the prophecies of Vanga, which are somewhat vague and often have no logical Foundation. A lot of Russians believe in the coming judgment. But a far greater number of people believe in all sorts of predictions and such a thing as fate.

If you think that only religious themes, remember the disaster movies where the zombies run over our cities, and huge natural disasters destroy our long-suffering ball. People live in fear of something unknown that was stalking them the whole history of mankind.

But actually more «apocalyptic tags» was during the middle Ages, which was dominated by plague and war over territory and resources. The twentieth century also distinguished: the two world wars. But we are still here, bitches!

2. The ghosts of other people living inside of us and everywhere

In these things we believe, regardless of religion and personal preferences. Not all, but many.

How many bad things you’ve done in your life? Cheated on his wife? Killed a cat? Didn’t give the debt to someone? Got into a bar fight? Stole things from the store? Eating the body of another human being, being infected with the virus of madness? In any case, we have an excuse: it wasn’t me, I was drunk, obsessed, I got bitten by a zombie. All the bad things that we do, we do as it is not themselves, and that we are trying to justify this. Mel Gibson assures the world that beat his wife and abused the Jews in the time of madness, tiger woods assures everyone that had sex with women after traumatic brain injury. Sometimes we are sure that when we do something bad, it’s not us, it’s someone else who for a moment took possession of our bodies. Our relatives and friends we are trying to justify the same words.

In fact, all of these things we did. Tiger woods cheated on his wife himself, like Mel Gibson cursed the Jews himself. Nobody is forced, nobody in the us lives. Even anger is part of us.

3. Evil can kill

In any action movie hero shoots the crowds of villains and their henchmen. They are evil, just evil because doing evil deeds. They can kill, eliminate, and evil in the world will be less. Logical, right? The reason for this thinking is that we still believe that the only way to defeat the enemy is to give him the ass. Therefore, the phrase in the spirit: the best way to stop a bad guy is a good guy with a big gun is the best proof of my words.

The Nazis were evil, and bin Laden, too, was evil, but really we want the rules of Robocop and other militants worked in real life. Then you can try the old methods to burn witches at the stake, and heretics hang or impale. Why don’t you like this idea? Because not every witch was really a witch, and the term «heretic» is extremely blurry? In real life, these will, unfortunately, do not work.

4. Most people on this planet — not the people

Since the beginning of mankind we have divided people into «us» and «them». In every culture there are a huge number of words that mean «our» in the context of «good» and «alien» in the context of «bad». Even patriotism — the echoes of primorskoy belief in such a division into friends and foes. People find it difficult to accept that there is that tribe — the same people as we are, with the same problems. He alone has the flags of different.

Interesting thing, but often in various films ordinary enemies do not have faces. For example, the stormtroopers. If for a moment imagine that stormtrooper have a family, house, kids and a dog, it becomes a bit uncomfortable for the fact that they kill hundreds. However, later they were replaced with clones, so they do not mind. Goodies individuals do not hide — we know them in the face. Often we don’t realize that a lot of people outside our group too, people who, for one reason or another, professed other principles. This is the same species as we did not care. Even jokes about the fact that in one city in one country for life, and in St. Petersburg very often the intellectuals and knowledge workers, gives to think about this question.

5. Smart people also believe in something

«There are no atheists» — so think some people. This is complete nonsense. An atheist can stay on his deathbed, and in the incident plane. Most people like logic, it is easier to believe in the fantastic fiction that they represent clever words, and those who support them — «spiritual» or «true geeks». It’s easier. Motivation comes not from the brain. Maybe bowel? Therefore, AA turn to a higher power as a source of motivation, and all because a lot of people it is much easier to motivate.

But there are things that are the object of worship on an animal basis. For example, faith in the greatness of one country, or faith in some team, or in unicorns. Some people truly believe that someday the earth will be a brave new world where all will learn the strength of materials and where they will fly only ponies that poop butterflies. Atheists, too, can in something believe in God but at least in the Pegasus!

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