Behind the American dream

From 1 may 2016, you will have a splendid opportunity to get 1 hectare of space (otherwise not be called) somewhere in the far East. Press this hectare after 5 years, depends on you. And while you can arrange multiple documents and to present myself a landowner. But the economic situation is such that even if you go to work as a Forester on the edge of the planet and you will catch a far East crab, easy life you will not provide.Then where to go for a tired traveler, who wants to start from scratch, but still on the budget that a possible resident of the local heaths? We won’t talk about patriotism, obstacles and a green card. Talk a little bit about the case, about where he wants to dump any resident of this planet in the pursuit of that «dream». Of course, most crashes on the rocks of reality, knowing that somewhere they have been deceived, where Hollywood embellished. But we are still to seek. Where? In the States, of course, that American and United.

If we are talking about life, I mean house, and if we speak of home, I mean. Young migrants are dumped in the States with holes in the pockets, with a one-way ticket. In the end, even after receiving a green card, they have to remain at a shit job carrying sacks of shit on the farm bellied cowboys. But the States, but the American dream. But to move from one hell to another – it is short-sighted. If you have already decided to migrate, plan better.

Real estate prices

You can start with the most basic skills that are needed every man. For example, you must have a driver’s license. If you have, then find the house will be easier, you can take more distant areas where housing is, of course, is cheaper. If we talk about USA, they are pretty damn different, so the cost is radically different from each other. Here all you can logically comprehend. For example, there is this enviable region Colorado, where housing is, of course, will be much more expensive than in Kansas. Why? The fact that Kansas is such a breadbasket of America, where they grow wheat, the region can be described as agrarian. Beauty too, but compared to Colorado, a Paradise for the Rastaman and tourist, is not easy. In the end, using the catalog of U.S. real estate, we can find a small house for 10 thousand dollars in a town called Osawatomie that is located South of Kansas city. In Colorado for the price to find something suitable for existence is simply impossible. Using the same directory, in a ski Mecca, we will find the property only for 100-150 thousand dollars, which is hardly affordable for the average citizen of the biggest country in the world.

The distance from the center

Many Russian migrants now live in new York. Work there more, and opportunities, but also many dangers, and therefore risk. To rent an apartment in the «Rotten Apple» – a terrible burden for anyone behind nothing but lifting for those who don’t mind torture your body and spirit. A small quiet town in the province, away from the depressive States «rust belt» – that’s our choice. Now the world is moving away from the concept of «Go to the capital, bitch, if you want to be in the center of events». Administrative centers in many of the States located far from the biggest cities, politics and important things are done in a relaxed atmosphere. In addition, separation from the world does not feel, because the Internet has covered all the space of this world. It is unlikely you will feel isolation from external events, if you have access to the network.

Buying a home

To buy a house in the States anyone can. Do not have to be an American. At least for the moment. Moreover, the property acquired would be a powerful argument in favor of obtaining a green card, but by itself it does not guarantee citizenship to the owner. Such are the cases. But no one said it would be easy, right? Serious about the inner workings of the state, you can offer great looking house in some depressed area, where residents have long died, and the work isn’t there. Usually the house becomes the property of the state, if the former owners died and left no heirs. Also property of the state transferred the house, which was selected by the debtors. Exhibiting such a property, usually at auction. There are several resources that allow you to buy alien the estate at auction, but they need to know all the ins and outs, and the Deposit must be paid. One of our old friend, living in USA, says that it is better not to get involved with online auctions and participate in them on the spot. The prices really are cheap, it all depends on the condition of the house, the distance from the center, and of course luck.


You will spend much more money to rent a small Studio in new York or California than in the full house, which will belong to you, somewhere in Kentucky. And it needs to be determined. It is clear that buying a home is an important event. And in addition to the cost of the house, you will need to pay all required taxes (they are different from state to state). Yes, and work in a small town is much less than in the city.

Perhaps it is these difficulties and stops many people – distance from the center and lack of opportunities. On the other hand, all of it, rather from the field of imaginary fears. Besides, now in the major cities of Russia, too, there is no work and the population is waiting for a great wave of layoffs, if things get better. If you are earning money remotely, perhaps freelancing, the place of residence is not critical.


In General, I advise you to read ancient as the world, a book about the journey of an old American writer in the country, which is called «travels with Charley in search of America,» 1962. It is believed that John Steinbeck, the writer, had a ball in the country after he learned that soon knocks the old woman’s Death at his door. So he traveled to his native country more than 10 thousand miles. In any case, he described the nature, customs, the city, the spirit can most fully show the States that side with which we see them is unusual. If this book will entice, then you have to think further, because there is no worse of migration which is born of fear, not a conscious choice. Always and everywhere need to stand on their own feet.

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