Behave as a friend when drunk

manygoodtips.com_28.02.2014_LZDJEaZGq1eiGDrunk, not only we are friends, too, sometimes I like a drink. And if at the same table. No, instead they drink so much that the most natural way drunk, and then we userei them, calm and endure all their antics. Drunken behavior of friends, like all things in the world classification. Check it out!

1. I got drunk and lost

These girls always manage to lose something drunk: keys, phone, wallet. You diligently searching for her welcome everywhere, back in the bar, from where you have already left, but there’s nothing there either. Eventually you find missing on the bottom of her purse in which you’re ready to swear, not three dimensions, but all four — in fact half an hour ago you looked there and found nothing.

2. Got drunk and destroys

She loses points, like the table of glasses and bottles, laid-back puts the phone past the pocket — who would have thought that this frail person becomes a bull in a China shop, she is a bit of fingering? She breaks menu drops food, puts stain on the dress and you look after her, like a small child.

3. Got drunk and started to dance

If she had, she never stays in one place — your feet are carrying her to the dance floor. Even if no one was there. Even if slow music playing. Even if the whole bar was looking at her. She doesn’t care, she’s dancing. Can’t hear the music, feel the rhythm, not thinking what might fall — she had to dance. Of course you will all the forces to prevent it and to return it to the place, why would you do this. Thanks for this no — at least not today. She will be torn in place, demanding that you let her go, and flopping your hand.

4. Got drunk and stick

This is a more pleasant option than all the previous ones. When she drinks, climbs to you to hug and kiss, and cuddles in all possible ways and generally blooming as a may rose. And any problems with her! Importantly, she did exclusively for you, not paying attention to other people’s men.

5. Got drunk and disappears

But this, on the contrary, some problems. She can’t drink and sit on the ground. She can’t even get drunk and go dancing, as already described by us dancer. No, this case a clinical. Girlfriend gets drunk and… disappears. Are you looking for her everywhere can not find suddenly, she magically reappears in front of you. Just before you celebrate, it will disappear in an unknown direction. This will continue all night until time to go home. A taxi will be waiting much longer instead free ten minutes, because right before his appearance your girlfriend disappear again. How does she do it?

6. Drunk and lusty

Bad girls, which with drunken eyes becomes excessively sweet. This is the most unpleasant and questionable view of women’s drunken behavior. She gets drunk and starts to flirt with everyone. Not because he wants you to change (although it is hard to be sure). The case is different: she wants to prove to himself that he is still attractive in spite of (and in this place lists all the complexes of this specific girls). One torment.

7. Got drunk and wants more

This lady cannot be stopped. She must be tipsy, but no arguments will not force her to calm down and at least a short time not to drink. Where there! «Honey, you have work tomorrow». — «I’ll drink to that!» «Honey, tomorrow I’ll introduce you to my parents, remember?» — «I’ll drink to that!» «Honey, tomorrow you will meet with the President.» «So pour!»

8. Drunk and not drunk to the end

For some reason, her body is resistant to alcohol intoxication. You with his own eyes saw as she saw, but it still remains common sense. She does not give you the order to seventh beer, she won’t let you when a new friend calls her to the continuation of the Banquet, is a real treasure! I even think that actually is a superpower.

9. Got drunk and suffering

Classic. She drank, and her mind immediately got sad thoughts. She dramatizes every situation and every little thing is ready to inflate the tragedy of universal scale. The scenario is as old as the world: drunk — it is necessary to suffer. She follows this rule in two cases out of three.

10. Got drunk and rushed

«Today, I want to hang out!»

«Now I’m gonna get the huge portion of ice cream!»

That would not come to her mind, she will do it. When a girl under the influence, it is impossible to persuade. Don’t stand in her way — otherwise the head will bite. Let him eat his ice cream — what can it hurt?

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