Before summer will soon be over

manygoodtips.com_11.07.2014_zu4G5gMKdrtqwYou think: Oh well, almost 2 months ahead of time. Oh, how many wonderful summer days were wasted after these words.

Summer’s over, dude. And, by the way, pretty soon. Things to make these 15 year old things.

1. Meet your busiest friend

Yes, I’m talking about the guy whose face you remember only because of his pic in vkontake. Just preprise to his house and caught to spend this summer day with you.

2. Bathe in the nearby river

Even if sunbathing on the shores of the only grandmother in Panama, and the river so shallow that drowning in it except the baby.

3. Samplei all night

And by «walk», we mean it is a walk, not a journey from bar to bar. Don’t spare your feet: explore all the unknown areas of the city.

4. BBQ

No, do not these plebeian kebabs. Make a real barbecue party.

5. Wash your Windows

Summer is the time when the likelihood that you will blow away «overboard» a gust of wind, your hands obledeneet in the process of washing is very low. No more excuses, just do it until you have something to see from the window.

6. Go to the track

Everyone at least once in a lifetime must experience in their own skin «tent» romance. And the summer is the most favorable time for it.

7. Build a bonfire

And of course, gathered in a campaign, don’t forget the traditional ritual called «sitting by the fire».

8. Visit the concert on the open area

In the summer across Russia held many different music festivals for every taste and color. You can purchase a ticket for the entire program or to attend one or two you are interested in the concert. In any case, the concerts in the fresh air are quite different from the usual concerts atmosphere.

9. Watch a movie outdoors

The ideal summer date — the girl will appreciate the romance of blankets and summer nights.

10. To go on the boat

Or on a small boat. Most importantly don’t go to the salon you have chosen water transport, enjoy the cool breeze and smell of water.

11. Spend a few days in a country house

Asked for someone to visit or get to your overgrown with reeds, suburban area. Enjoy the night singing of cicadas and the star, unlike the urban sky.

12. Go fishing

Remember how excited you were as a child, when he managed to catch at least one fish.

13. Visit the city in which there was

Hit the road literally a couple of days in nearest to your place of residence, the point on the map. Let it be Saratov. Being alone with a strange city, you will see how much interesting is hiding in the most ordinary streets of an ordinary city.

14. Take a NAP on the beach

The main pre-hide in the shadows.

15. The ladder is already on vacation, finally!

Seriously, how can vpahivat, man!

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