Beerpong: just a cool game game, and to some extent, and sports (there are even national teams and Championships birongo), appeared in the student community of DataScope College in the 1950s and 1960s. The original game was more like ping-pong, as the table was attended by the mesh, and the number of glasses was less. The ball did not throw the hands and bat or paddle. And only in 1980 there was a game called Beirut or beerpong on the tables which was not mesh, and you can play it with your hands. But the relationship with ping-pong is still felt.

Not surprisingly, many universities have a negative attitude to this game and put a ban on it, and chased the players. The authorities of some States legislative measures tried to ban the game, some States are merely recommendations to the owners of bar establishments about inadmissibility of carrying out of games. Often called beerpong cause uncontrolled alcoholism in colleges and universities, but it is a very questionable statement if we look at a small amount of beer, which is present in the original game on each side of the field. If we take for example the ten of cups with a capacity of 500 ml, one-third filled with beer in case of defeat, the player will drink about 1.5 liters of beer. That is three cans of this drink. Quite enough to sleep, especially if you play in a team.

We don’t know why this game is still not entrenched in the student community in our country. Quite simple and at least fun. The essence of this «sport» outrageously simple: you have a tennis ball, you have to get into one of the glasses of the enemy, one-third filled with beer. If fortune smiles at you, beer to drink, the enemy, and you once again drop the ball. After the second throw, the ball ping-pong table passes to the opponent. And so as long as you have not emptied the glass of one of the parties.

You can play individually, or in teams of two. The rules differ from one University to another. But it is not necessary to go into detail, because, first and foremost, this game is designed for fun and often play without much details.

But it is necessary to clarify certain provisions of the game. As mentioned earlier, in beerpong played by two or four. Should be a special table for bibanga, well or on a normal table, which allows you to put on a sufficient number of glasses of beer. The main goal is to get to the glass of the opponent so that the glass fell. You can just throw the ball and try to throw it bounce off the table (most importantly, that jump occurred in the area of the pitch). Usually put on a 10 or 6 cups on each side, they form a triangle when there is a single round (both players made shots), the drinking glasses are cleaned, all the rest remain in their seats.

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_6giIMO2pBY86tIf you miss the table, the shot immediately goes to the other team or another player. In General, the essence is quite simple, as you can see. There is another counting team points, which looks like this:

A direct hit on the glass is scored one point.

Contact with the rebound for two.

If both players in the team were in the same Cup, it counts for three points.

Sometimes I play and until the first miss, if you are lucky to get each pitch, you can very quickly drink his opponent and walk away with a victory.

More important is to remember that it is primarily entertainment, and there are no strict limits should not be. The number of glasses can be more/less number poured them beer can also vary. You can spend the whole tournament with your friends and play, say, a whole kegu. But try to choose better teammates, to do not caught some violent dude, and you never know. Also suggest before starting the game, prepare the container with water and a rag to wash tennis balls.

manygoodtips.com_11.06.2015_S6FXuRDEi5QCdNow birong is part of the European and the American bar culture. But in Russia, the bar culture has not yet formed, and the owners are building their business quite different principles, however, what prevents us individually to join it? In some cities hold competitions for beerpong on the base bars, pubs. If you have already tested their strength and confident in your skill, try to participate in them. If you’re in the city such competitions are not held, it is probably for the best, because the real pleasure of this game you’ll only get in the circle of his friends.

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