Beer without the hangover


This is a beer with a high content of electrolytes. While you’ll remember is in principle a good movie «Idiocracy», say that this idea came to mind of a group of Australian scientists who have added the coveted solutions in several commercial beer brands.

It seems absolutely crazy idea, but as it turned out, this beer really works, and on the morning of the test subjects really did not expect a hangover. Now, drinking stout at 10 degrees, you can not worry that on the morning your head will turn into a wall clock with a cuckoo. Beer has been tested and will soon arrive on the shelves. Already had a beer without a hangover from the company O Doul, but beer lovers have complained that it tastes funny. This beer, by the way, unpleasant taste are not noticed, which is good news.

When, finally, reveal the name of this beer, I already want to try! However, I will probably have to order online.

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