Beer with the strangest tastes

I have good news: humanity has gone mad. How else to explain it? Our topic «Food» was breaking from the abundance of strange drinks. The vodka with the taste of wasabi and Apple pie, the beer to 60 degrees. Why all this and why? People are just bored. Tired of the usual food — so they come up with different weird things need to once again prove that classics — she and in Africa a classic. And the dominance of chemistry in the food industry further facilitates food perverts tasks. If the bread is unlikely to buy without different, a taste of beer — a breeze. Away we go!

1. Pizza Beer from Mamma Mia

beer and pizza

Mmm, pizza? So. This ale, brewed with oregano, tomato, Basil and garlic. Pepperoni and cheese — separately. El garlic? Huh?

2. Ta Henket

divine beer

Stylish label, as well? This, incidentally, is Egyptian hieroglyphics. A very strange recipe for this ale: chamomile, other herbs and some, God forgive me, palm fruit.

3. Key Lime Pie

beer with lime

Well, it’s clear from the title. Key lime pie. Yes, it’s good beer brewed from fresh limes, and milk sugar. Who wants dessert?

4. Thyme after Thyme

ale with thyme

Belgian winter ale brewed with orange peel and thyme. A bit like mulled wine, no? Good to drink this when it’s cold and the approaching New year.

5. Pastrami on Rye

This beer contains cinnamon, mustard seeds, Bay leaf and cumin. Kind of soup. So drink it with potatoes and dill. M-m-m! Yeah, about that Yam.

6. Saison de Wench

beer with hibiscus

Farmhouse ale with rose petals and hibiscus. Is it tea or what? Only a real man will dare to drink in front of their friends.

7. Voodoo Donut Bacon Maple Ale

beer with donuts

Do you like the name? Imagine I walk into a bar and demanding: «Voodoo Donut Bacon Maple Ale, please!» Haha such a long name? And so everyone would know what is signed: it lists all the flavors. Doughnut, bacon and maple? Huh? And what is voodoo?

8. BLT Gose

divine beer

Wheat beer with sea salt, physalis, coriander and lemongrass. God knows what, but it’s clearly not for everyone!

9. The Concoction

divine beer

Smoked malt, lemon juice, chopped ginger and wild honey — is also a strange thing for those who have a cold: it treats all respiratory diseases. Although it would be strange to drink beer someone who has a cold.

10. Hemp Ale

beer with hemp

All that could, had put his beer: and bacon, and pizza, and even rose petals. Why not put a cannabis? And Yes, it is not rushing.

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