Beer with ice cream

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_BCUxU8h8XpbsPWe offer you to fill up their cocktail menu is very extravagant drink, originally from the majestic new York. It has only two ingredients, it is very easy and simple, and yet it is the most unusual thing you drank in your life.

That’s just not necessary to turn up your nose and shout: «don’t spoil the drink, bitch!» Why not? Why not poizvraschatsya over «liquid gold»? In the end, sooner or later to drink beer get tired options are few: either a strong «blue», or pretentious cocktails. And here is something new and very tasty, much tastier than the crap like «Siberian crown Limy». Trust, trust and to build this milky goo few drinks. At the same time will surprise the girl and your stomach. By the way, contrary to fears need not fear that the drink will put you firmly on the toilet seat, at least we, the people who degistirilmesi, did not have such effects.

Everything has its own measure

In fact, in this drink you combine two completely different components: bitter and tasty beer cloying and uninteresting ice cream. And to this slurry out harmoniously tasty, not too bitter and not too sweet, to add to beer an adequate amount of ice cream. No field: homogeneous, velvety taste, which harmoniously blended all the shades and flavors. Nothing needs to break out.

Tell case. One day, we decided to spoil a good ice cream, honey stout. The same stout, which, despite its strength at 12 rpm, was viscous, rich chocolate flavor and gave the feeling that you’re swilling drunk the divine ambrosia, and not bitter beer (compare nine speed powder-grave «Baltic» and 12 quality stout – the difference between rubbing alcohol and chlorhexidine). But as soon as we threw in a stout ball of vanilla ice cream, all the magic vanished. It would seem that in chocolate flavor and beer just made for dessert, but once the sweetness has spread to beer, the drink has become bitter, as if it put a ladle of tar.

Any beer is a balance of alcohol, sweetness and bitterness. And the extra component can greatly disrupt the balance. So be on the alert.


manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_qaD2UfPEw6W0bDifferent types of beer may have different levels of carbonation. Therefore, some of the varieties in contact with the ice cream will foam and climb over the edge of the glass, as a volcanic explosion and other serious buzz and calm down. Imperial stout, for example, consists of small bubbles, while Belgian beer, like the «Saisons» or «Tripels», bubbling like an infernal cauldron.

Therefore, to fill the glass evenly, put it on the bottom of the glass some ice cream and start slowly, as if in mode, slow mo, pour it a beer, first holding the glass at an angle, and then straighten it. The beer will be ice cream to cover the bottom, gradually mixing with the liquid. Of course, you should taste the liquid before you pour beer or add ice cream. And pour have. Foam will be very much, of course, if you don’t use any «Trehsosenskoe», which in principle does not foam. In fact, the more you pour, the better the structure of the bubbles and the liquid. But don’t wait too long, otherwise even the great Czech lager will turn into a sweet disco like «Ochakovsky» beer, which is accidentally missed «AGCO».

Does not sink our proud lump

Happens to see this picture: beer on the surface of the lake, like a single soy float, hanging a solitary piece of ice cream that bravely, as if the cruiser «Varyag», not willing to disappear into the raging sea.

And why is this happening? For more reasons than it may seem. The first and saddest – it’s the consistency of ice cream. It is foolish and naive to think that it is made from milk. Honey, soy, powder and majority chemicals that melting disintegrate into its component parts. What is heavier goes to the bottom, something that weighs the same as a beer – freezes on the surface with foam. However, this can be circumvented.


First of all, you need to choose the right vessel. For these purposes, ideal as beer glasses with pints and glasses. By the way, the online store of Indigo large selection of dishes for beverages and other useful and original things for the kitchen and home, and much more interesting.

Secondly, don’t forget the sequence: first the ice cream and then beer. From the point of view of proportion, the two balls of ice cream is enough for about 0.3 of a liter of beer.And another tip: don’t wait too long. After all, ice cream reduces the foam stability of beer and therefore the taste of intoxicating drink every minute is inferior to the taste of beer.

Combinations and tastes

manygoodtips.com_21.04.2016_QIS8fYkEGs1utWell, obviously, we come to the most important of this food alchemy – what varieties of beer with some ice cream in the way.

Sour Beers, like the «Berliner Weisses», perfectly combined with fruity and berry tastes.

Wheat beer is quite capricious, to interfere with his chocolate ice – something vulgar and inappropriate, the beer will not forgive. But with caramel and banana flavor it just blends magically.

«Porter»… what would you think? Chocolate and coffee taste. Remembering the distinctive flavor «of porter», a symbiosis ceases to be strange.

Red ale with notes of cherry, red currant and chocolate is a knockout with the addition of vanilla ice cream and a few fresh mint leaves.

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