Beer myths that you’re still going to believe


Last beer hysteria has spawned many connoisseurs of this wonderful beer. People finally learned that there is not only «dark» and «light», but dozens of other beer styles that have evolved over long periods of time. But even among the modern Russian beer culture there are many myths that have arisen due to the distortion of the information that is to sneak into the computer through various beer sites.

We are interested in how to make this world a better and therefore have used its set of authoritative sources to debunk some of the most common beer myths of our time.

Myth #1: beer should be served cold

The hardest myth for domestic consumers of beer. And all because giant corporations are largely responsible for the preservation of this myth. And I think we know why: because of the cold beer numbs the sky, dulling its taste, potentially leading to drink excessive amounts of beer. On the other hand, less dense lagers asking for their cooling when the optimum temperature for the Imperial stout can reach 40-55 degrees.

Myth #2: beer is tasteless

No, that’s not true. This myth is based on those manufacturers who make really tasteless beer. Corporations do this heady drink with the least pronounced taste to it like most and it was possible to eat in excessive amounts. If they launch into mass production some doppelbock (which we recommend you try), then immediately burned. But know, too, lagers can be delicious and vibrant, just like Ali. You just have to try more brands to understand it.

Myth #3: dark beer — strong beer


Just because a beer is dark doesn’t mean there is more alcohol! I bet that IPA that you love drinking in the evenings is much stronger in degree, than any oatmeal stout, which you missed because of fears of excessive degree of alcohol content.

Myth #4: bottled beer is better than the banks

For decades, glass bottles had an aura of privilege, when compared with the banks. And in Russia there is an opinion that banks poured worse batch of beer, so as to revise the fluid when buying impossible. But this, of course, a myth. The real situation is exactly the opposite. The choice of container for low alcohol drink is a very important task for a manufacturer of beer. He’s also not a fool — to fend off lawsuits no one likes. So, there is a simple mathematical equation which says it all: beer + sun = garbage. So, the main task of any beer bottles, protected from sunlight. And this job Bank is better than a bottle. It’s logical!

Myth #5: I just don’t like beer

When someone says that he does not like beer, in nine cases out of ten, they just can’t find your favorite styles. Look, Beers are radically different from each other as milk from Coca-Cola, like vodka from the anise liqueur. They are very different. So, enough of this prejudice, that the beer is not yours. If I remember correctly, there is even a universal map of the taste that balances the beer style with any other product. It allows you to find suitable for your life beer. However, it is preferred to be guided by my personal experience — it never changes.

Myth #6: the longer the beer stood, the better it is


If you are Legion to the fun of crafting brewers, you probably think that the old beer is the best. People even create a special cellar for storing beer, because I think they get better with age. During long-term storage of the beer really changes the taste, especially when it is stored in barrels of whiskey. This happens for several reasons, the main of which is the effect of strains of wild yeast in barrels that linger like. Thus, beer’s not getting any better — it is different. In General, this is a very big issue for brewer’s debate, but we adhere to the standpoint of common sense, which eliminates the concept of «better».

Myth #7: beer says about the taste of its color

By! Dark is not a flavor. The dark color only indicates that a certain amount of malt was dried and roast. The color is almost nothing to say about the taste spectrum. Color may not tell you about the hop character of the beer, bitterness, sweetness, or the degree of alcohol. The color almost does not say anything about the types of aromas of malt or the presence of fruity, spicy additives. And don’t tell me to drink dark Beers that’s all like drinking bread in a glass. Nonsense! Draught Guinness — light, low-calorie and 4% swipes. English dark mild ale will be even easier.

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