Beer hammer

manygoodtips.com_24.03.2015_S1oHXJh00tDuGRecently, this exciting and long-awaited process, like opening beer bottles began to fill the mouth. All these bottles with screw caps, of course, much easier life, but I want some holiday. And what to do with those bottles where the lid can only be opened with brute strength? Open a beer with a sword is silly, lighter – corny, the opener is boring, teeth – too bold. What should I do?


And here, we come to the aid of guys from Chicago who are thinking about how to turn the process of opening bottles of «liquid gold» in the occasion, have thought of this – in fact, the usual opener, but in the form of a hammer. Well, on that its benefits end.

According to legend, some of the guys accidentally found in an old abandoned house in a small PEEN hammer for auction and decided to make him opener. Unfortunately, this is nonsense. In fact, someone just a good imagination. A lot of time experimenting with the alloy, to achieve the ideal balance between appearance and severity. I agree, not brutal to carry aluminum hammer. It was therefore decided to make a beer artifact, stylized, very, very, very old hammer.

By the way, the hammer you bring in a little pouch, tied to it with rope. Thanks to the delicate rope, you can tie your artifact in your hands, so your weapon is always with you, cover will protect it from external influences of this cruel world.


It is worth all this fun $ 55. Sense from him as from the Corporation «Rosnano» – no, just a beer to open and show-off to quit (really «RUSNANO»), a toy for bigger bearded children. But you can show off it to your friends during the next binge. And I agree, it’s nice when pulls the pocket heavy is such a fun accessory. Well, in the end you’ll wish you what is written on the shaft of the hammer: good beer hunting!

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