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arm wrestling

At least once in your life you will be someone to measure the force. You never know when it will happen this time, so you should always be ready to roll up their sleeves and sit down at the table to find out who is stronger. Contrary to popular belief, you do not have to be supervisees, so you can defeat any opponent. If you apply the right technique, speed and strategy, you will become almost invincible to the enemy, even though he is stronger than you. In this text we will tell you how to beat anyone at arm wrestling, and the next time you offer to try to force, you do not hit the dirt face.

The technique of arm wrestling

There are two techniques, combining that with a strong finish, you can become virtually irresistible: this is the top-roll and hook. You have to apply these techniques quickly and smoothly, showing nothing of his intentions — be a ninja-arm wrestling.

Top roll

The most effective technique of arm wrestling. It is necessary to apply force to the forearm and bicep, sending them into the hand and fingers. The main thing — strongly squeeze the hand of the enemy. Your goal is that your hand was above the hand of the opponent. To make it happen, you have to start immediately, as soon as you hear the signal to start. Pull the hand to the hand of the enemy was further away from his body. It will save its balance sheet and improve your balance. I hope that you will notice as you grasp your opponent begins to wane. Once that happens, start to press in on him. Keep going until you reach the maximum. Then get ready to finish.


A simple technique that can be used by itself or in combination with the top roll. The goal is to force the opponent tilting the hand back, it will help you to cope with it and have a more comfortable lever. As soon as you hear the signal to start the competition, suspend his wrist back, returning his hand to himself. When you bring him in this position, you will be ready to finish.

arm wrestling

Finish him!

Sometimes the hardest part of the competition is to put the opponent’s hand on the table. You can squeeze the last juices out of his biceps, trying to push the opponent’s hand to the table, but could not achieve. Often in arm wrestling and looks: one almost pinned the other to the table, but he resists the forces of the past — and it continues indefinitely. How to avoid this annoying trouble?

When you’re ready to make the final push, bring the body to the shoulders turned in the direction where the hand presses. This will allow you to apply force on the shoulder muscles and more weight. If your opponent is not superhuman, it will not be easy.

And again I want to draw your attention to the fact that this must be done quickly and smoothly. The less the enemy will be time for the reaction, the better. This skill requires practice, and sometimes training and even turns into a defeat. If it hurts you, try to practice on an 11-year-old nephew. Of course, it’s not the most manly thing, but why think of this idea? Because…

Play should be able

You’ve been challenged, you took it and lost. Don’t worry. This happens even to the best of us. Understand that your skills in arm wrestling yet do not define you as a man. When your hand touches the table, shake the enemy’s hand, Pat me on the shoulder, smile, praise him and tell him that somehow he will take revenge. Don’t be one of those who believes that the title of man is earned solely in such competitions, it is not necessary to show everyone that you’re still not lost his penis when he lost everything, and so somehow aware of this. Don’t swear fiercely to drink beer, to demand revenge, name-calling, etc. Such behavior is no good.

And if you know what’s going to lose, don’t last to hang back and not give the potential winner to do to win — so you idiots will sit at the table an extra five minutes in the same position. All solved, you’re just trying to postpone the inevitable. If you’re done, look at the opponent nod to him and surrender with dignity. Next time you will succeed.

Exercises for workout

If you really want this rematch, look for exercises that you can perform at home or in the gym. The armwrestling is necessary first of all to develop forearms, biceps and triceps. Very well will develop your grip expanders. Your various exercise machines these muscles, dumbbells, expanders and push-UPS. And imagination, my friend!

Devices for training

This is more for entertainment. Just look at what the cult has turned armwrestling Western assholes!

Slot machines — armwrestlers

arm wrestling

There inside some kind of hydraulics, so this robot to be trifled with. Actually, I’d feel like an idiot, trying to fight the machine, and the other idiot would have looked.

Machine Neil Lewis

machine Neil Lewis

Looks vintage, it is necessary to dig more information about this device. Kind of just works. On one end of the lever is added weight, and then begin to work on movements, like arm-wrestling. Pretty cool. Even it is a pity that no longer manufactured.

Garbage from the film «struggling»


If you are interested in the topic of arm-wrestling, watch this movie. Quite good for its genre. Stallone plays armwrestler, who need the money. His wife died, and he tries to make friends with the son hardly knew. In General, touching story. One of the coolest things in this movie is this machine to lift weight, which the hero Stallone is arranged in the cabin of the car. Cool thing, I myself have used it.

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