Become an elf, be an elf, bitch!


From Lord of the rings, or rather, with film I know that elves are pretentious as hell those that and thus alone can fill up a huge Heffalump. And how women wrote boiling water for elves is words can not convey. There is another small bonus: elves are immortal, but we do not take into account.

Melinda moon, the girl from Canada, obsessed with the works of Tolkien (perhaps she took a liking to them after watching the film), decided on a desperate operation to further remind the gentle elf. The girl gave 250 pounds, equivalent to 13 thousand Russian rubles, for the fact that the cartilage in her ear was cut, and then sewed in a special way to get the typical elven ear. Why, like most tolkiyenistov and fans of Tolkien, buy special soft ear wax? I don’t know, because it’s not true. «When I learned that I can make my own elf ears, I’ve never been certain of anything in this,» said the girl. And then he added: «I’m never going back to the human side of life. Now I just lack the glitter and wings to fly». Girl, you sure those elves remember? In Tolkien they do not fly! Oops!


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