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Nothing to pretend to pick up a girl is not so easy. We would really like so superheroesque to confidently go online, choose the most beautiful girl, talk to her separately from her friends and make her fall in love with us. I would like, Yes you could have. We may never become experts in this field, but if you work out regularly and use the tips, perhaps we will become easier to meet girls. So we guys have in store for you tips that you can apply right now to more successfully and safely drive up to her friends.

1. Know where to meet women

This point seems so obvious that it is inconvenient to include it in the list of tips. But you’d be surprised, man, how many dudes the wrong idea where to look for women. For example, when it comes down to it, they realize that no one had they not told and they have little experience. But others do not have time for this: Wake up, check phone, go to work, checking the phone, late, checking your phone, go home, check the phone — the day is over. Familiar? You know what, you will not find her on the phone. So: yoga, dancing classes, coffee shop, book store — that’s where you can meet cute girls — this isn’t your standard bar and club.

2. Avoid common mistakes on a first date

If you do not know what to do should at least know what to do in any case impossible. There are plenty of opportunities to make a mistake on a first date. You don’t need three-piece suits and stretched sweat pants, don’t lead her straight into the football match — just no extremes, for a first date better than a classic.

3. Understand the signs

There’s nothing worse than wasting time on a woman who’s not interested. Of course, it would be much easier to understand it immediately, even if it is not directly talking about it. But women are not always easy to understand without words. She will continue to take up, Dating, etc. — she’s interested in you as a friend. Welcome to the friend zone. If you need a friend, then fine, but if you hope for more, leave her alone. Here are the signs that you were in the friend zone:

  • she always meets you in the company of friends;
  • she constantly puts pressure on friendship and says he values you as a friend;
  • she constantly avoids the possible proximity — both physical and verbal;
  • to communicate with you she’s not trying to flirt;
  • she talks to you about other men and talks about their past relationships.

4. Try to look good

To take care of their appearance — this is normal. We want women to look nice and it is logical that they expect from us. They don’t want to hang out with a Scarecrow. So comb your hair, well dressed — in the end, she will look at you all night.

5. Use the help of the second pilot

There’s nothing wrong with that from time to time more comfortable for you to work together with someone. Do not have to be a lone hero. Generally, you behave more naturally, when you are in familiar surroundings — for example, with your friends. One of them can be your wingman to break the ice and help the girl to see you.

6. Let your gestures say everything for you

Surely you’ve heard it time and again: most of the communication occurs on the nonverbal level. Keep the back straight, it gives us confidence, look her in the eye, hooks his fingers in the belt loops or pocket — it will give your kind of sexuality. Propusti shoulders — otherwise it seems that you’re tense.

7. Say — and do it well

Even if you look like a Ken doll, she will lose interest in you if you’re difficult to communicate. Awkward silence, unfortunate choice of the topic is suicide for pick-up. Nothing to talk about, we have already alluded.

8. Don’t worry if you will be denied

Rejection is never easy. A to latest to strain to avoid it and may even deliberately avoid contact with women to avoid being rejected. Yes, we all refused at least once in life. Remember that for every «Yes» is your «no.» And often not even one. It’s like a game: embrace the failure and keep going.

9. Be self-confident

It seems obvious, as the first item on our list. But it’s a fundamental thing, sometimes, to develop your confidence takes a lifetime. If we all here were superheronie in yourself — what it would do to make this list? The most important thing in confidence is what women notice and appreciate.

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