Become a gentleman in the world boys

manygoodtips.com_19.11.2014_ldYSpxMUZqX3vIt’s safe to say that you’ve finally grown up, if you still felt cramped in the world of boys and you decided to break into the ranks of gentlemen. The current generation somehow mistakenly perceives the meaning of the word «gentleman». Even so, maybe they understand just a little confused by the time frame.

As if you didn’t, you still don’t get to become a gentleman of the 18th century. You have been living in the 21st, so should be a modern gentleman. The differences, of course, is not critical, but are the place to be.

If you’ve seen enough of the cattle — and babupara and suddenly decided to squeeze in the company of these gallant men, then you to us. We will not abandon our guy is in trouble, and show you how to survive the reincarnation.

I agree that men no longer behave with dignity. We talk about how yesterday was totally one or another friend, discussing her charms and equipment. But it’s intimate! Praise, like yesterday persuading a girl to have sex, knowing her only a couple of hours, expose himself like a whore. So, you do not care who to fuck, don’t care where I have just visited your cock. So learn not to cover what it is better to remain silent and the risk to be in an awkward situation.

This is only the first, what makes you different from a true gentleman. Let’s look at the other differences.

1. You’re drinking

Gentleman must know a lot about alcohol, but not to get drunk of brandy for 400 rubles. You can drink if you feel an urgent need, just don’t skimp on quality and pleasant to the taste of alcohol. You should not drink with the purpose of swell, but only for fun.

Just imagine how you will look elegant with the half-empty glass of whiskey neat! Trust me, it’s a pleasure to slowly SIP neat, the splendid fortress of the drink. Nobody has abolished staysick beer on Friday, but even the beer you can drink not as cattle, but as a connoisseur of intoxicating drink.

2. You’re not discreet

Take it easy, man, keep emotions under control. Not only that, you did a great glory Elena from the 18th floor, and still look like a hysterical bitch. Remember that almost any dispute can be resolved by peaceful dialogue. Do not try to once again raise the voice of the opponent, and even more handsy.

You lose every time you give a response to any bad you the statement. You always have to be above these cheap scandals do not paint any man. Especially when it comes to your friend, you should be as restrained. If she once again staged a tantrum, better just quietly turn around and walk: this is quickly pacified her mettle. Now, when she calmed down, calmly tell her that you are not satisfied. So the situation will play in your favor.

3. You are not modest

You can go to a friend with empty hands, to eat all of her food stocks, scattering socks, candy wrappers and crumbs, and then with quiet soul leave his business? Congratulations! In a gentleman’s door is closed for you! But we can still fix this. Just remember that you must not be impudent, you’d better be a modest guy, that’s for sure appreciate the appropriate people are and even your potential employer.

Don’t need, like a monkey, screaming passing the girl in the car, she looks gorgeous. For whom are you doing this? We certainly hope that among our readers there are no such assholes, but just in case, be warned: this behavior is not in any way does not decorate you. You look just like a clown, among the appropriate companies. And parents will not be proud of you. If you come to your friend’s house, better make sure he doesn’t against your specific action, after all you’re not the boss here.

4. You don’t know the word

You have to have flawless speech. If set to achieve excellent diction, be attentive even to the smallest detail. How you communicate depends on how you’ll be treated in society. Woman will pass by, if not prostitutka get rid of words-parasites, and the boss would prefer to give up the right to promotion of the employee, which builds correctly his speech and doesn’t select the word in 30 seconds.

So learn to speak properly, confidently and without any extra ornate. Think it annoys many. You’re not in the Opera act, and just lead a constructive dialogue with possible clients, which work, so try to follow with his tongue.

5. You do not notice the importance

Know that unites all successful men? This desire to make the world better, to bring something new to life not only his but also other people. They want to do something really meaningful. They are driven by a sincere desire, and not dull the thirst for fame and money. If the above yourself you will not see anyone, then you are doomed to failure.

The simple desire to earn more money can lead you to success and prosperity. So be ready for hard times. Even if you’re not trying to become Ruler of the world, you can just try on the role of the noble man. Podsiad in the dining room to the downtrodden man, who is shunned by all the office staff and laugh behind his back.

You’re not in school, it makes no sense to someone to prove you’re cool. Just try to be a worthy husband. Don’t leave in trouble of the needy. Of course, you can’t help, and no one’s asking for financial support, a good enough moral support.

6. You don’t care

Dude, you have forgotten how to do nice my friend! We are not about lovemaking and your unique technique of cunnilingus, and that you don’t remember the last time I did something unusual and did. And not even necessarily unusual, just take her to a new place, make what she remembered. Be polite, attentive to her. At least give her a hand when she gets out, Yes, some have already forgotten about it.

Don’t forget to do small gifts for not only his girlfriend but the mother, endless aunts, and other dear for you women: they aren’t faceless creatures in your life.

Yes, it is possible for life to abuse our time, the generation of young people, but it is better to start to change something. And to start, of course, is with yourself, and then take on family and the whole world.

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