Beauty isn’t everything! Why you should not be Dating a model

Models look at us from each poster, with each of the advertising photographs, television screens and computer monitors. They know their job: the ideal woman is synonymous with models. And for good reason. Models are just people like you and me, besides beauty, their obvious advantages, they have a lot of serious flaws, which make relationship with them is not the most pleasant experience. Seven reasons not to meet with the model:

1. Model does not need to develop intelligence

Don’t want to add his contribution to the obsasyvanie stereotype about the stupidity of models. They’re not all stupid, there are quite reasonable. However, the trend is rather negative than positive. Somehow it so happened that boring people. You would have been so, if to you with childhood all treated with great attention because you were lucky to be born beautiful. Models rarely say something interesting and impressive. They have no need to develop your intelligence, because they are quite a beauty. The model is nice to look at, however after sleeping with her a couple of times, you will understand that it is not found any valuable treasures, and nothing can make you love it. Moreover, each time you will be all the less interesting.

2. They are insecure and constantly waiting for approval

It seems that if a woman is beautiful, then she must be confident. No, dude, girlfriends are much smarter, even if you can’t maintain a conversation about raketostroenie. They understand that their beauty is ephemeral and one day may disappear, so they need constant reassurance that they still like and that their figure is flawless, and the face is inconceivable beautiful. Models are always late on dates, because for a long time spinning in front of the mirror trying to look perfect. In principle, not so bad, if you are late to the movie or the theater.

3. Rich dudes take her away

Along with model you’ll never be quiet, because the men who want to meet models, more than the models themselves. In other words, the demand exceeds the supply. So you will have to accept that there is no end to the climb other men, which, of course, richer, taller and more attractive than you. It is simply impossible not to worry when you’re constantly under the gun. Once you marry a model, grab her and get her into the woods so no one would know that you own a treasure.

4. She’s always somewhere goes

Six months in Japan, six months in Paris, six months in Italy, six months in America — that is, if she just photographed. If walking on the catwalk, goes more often. Eternal shooting and impressions. She is constantly busy, your sex life will be very irregular, and the schedule is unbalanced: a month alone, then a week with her around the clock. Well, meet a girl, it’s the fact that you don’t need to masturbate, but when you begin a relationship with a model, masturbate more often than ever.

5. She’s terrible in bed

When you masturbate, you’re doing worthless sex. Why would a model to try different poses from the Kamasutra that you try an ordinary girl if no clothes she so amazing? As a result, the model has sex the worst of all, with whom you had sex. It’s almost the same as fucking a rubber woman — don’t ask me how I know that. Even worse, if you head banged to deal with her oral sex: it is no good.She thinks that a member of stone and he will be nothing.

6. She completely lacks economic skills

Girls dream to become models in order to serve you delicious lunch and to clean your apartment. You yourself much better able to knit and handle the kittens than she is. In fact, in addition to the ability to pose and walk the catwalk, she has nothing more. And, still speaking English, but it is also of little use. Don’t expect it will do something that goes beyond the concepts of «being beautiful» and «look at you big, beautiful eyes.»

7. She doesn’t know how to handle money

Models know that their career won’t last long: just like athletes and dancers. However, the toilers of the runway lacks common sense to save money while they still can earn cash in a large amount, so this amount was enough for a long time. One cannot blame them: if you for once gave half a million, you probably would have thrown a decent portion of this amount. However, don’t expect something will come from this rich friend. Model flush with money, and then to thirty they have no choice but to marry rich. So if you’re not rich (I’m not rich), the best time to meet with the model — when it works, because it does not care what you beach.

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