Beautiful girls in mini bikini on the beach and not only

Bro, today for you a selection of photos of magnificent, gorgeous, incredible, sexy and just beautiful girls in mini bikini. But before you start drooling and licking their lips looking at these pictures, a little bit enlightened on the subject of this revealing bathing suit. So, first we will tell you a little story about who, when and how was devised and invented this wonderful subject of women’s toilets, and why is it called a bikini.

Once, in ancient times, swimsuits were quite strict and closed, we can say that almost all of the body was closed, both men and women. Such clothes are generally difficult to be called a swimsuit, and yet he lasted long enough. And in the middle of the twentieth century, French fashion designer Louis Rare improved bathing suit, previously created by fashion designer Jacques Ammon. And he perfected it in a way that made more open. It was a very bold idea, because the girls in mini bikini looked too openly, defiantly, boldly, and of course, sexy.

First bathing suit bikini were shown to the public in July 1946, the dancer Micheline Bernardini. The swimsuit was named after Bikini Atoll, where a few days earlier, the United States carried out a nuclear test. The advertising slogan was «Bikini — divided Atom». What actually happened with a bathing suit — it was split on top and bottom bra and panties. Of course, it was really a blast, for such a swimsuit could not be used for a long time, despite the fact that he was frankly not so open as in our time. The famous actress of the last century, Brigitte Bardot has played no small role in supporting this new kind of swimsuit. Ten years later, gradually the girls began to get used to this swimsuit.

And now this type of swimwear is very popular and replaced the closed one-piece swimwear.

Of course, not all girls in mini bikinis look sexy, and not all of it goes to the swimsuit need to have a flawless figure to show it in all its glory. Although, even some grandma manage to wear a bikini, well, they already show off not make sense, and sunbathe in the sun all the same more pleasant in a more open swimsuit.

Interesting fact that in Ancient Rome clothing like bikinis the women wore when doing sports. In our day, girls in mini bikini not only to go to the beach, but also take part in competitions in beach volleyball, and even this kind of fashion is quite popular in the circus, vaudeville and cabaret.

By the way, friend, you know that there are special bikini that when wet become absolutely transparent. And some swimwear buckles and straps made of water-soluble material. When a girl in mini bikini to go in the water and after a few seconds she is completely naked..So if you want during the summer holiday on the sea to cast his girlfriend, you know how to act. And if, after such jokes you somehow miraculously stay alive, you’ll have to buy her a new swimsuit.

And some girls in mini bikinis do love to walk and sunbathe Topless, in shorts, so they would react to such a joke adequately. More bold girls prefer microkini, you know where the swimsuit is thin ribbons are United that do almost nothing to cover, and it is not clear why it generally in this case to wear?

Bro, perhaps we’re enlightened enough, and now you’re an expert on women’s swimsuit will be useful to you in life or not is unknown, but for General knowledge, why not.

And now for you photos, where girls in mini bikini different times.

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