Beautiful cast iron opener for the pirates…


As you know, on the nose of the ship should be the figure of a naked woman — so happened. Incidentally, such figures were usually mounted next to the latrine — a strange combination, right? We are confident that the appointment of a Nude beauty absolutely clear: the pleasure of dreams the harsh sway on the waves of sailors.

Now you too can get a clean pirate mermaid. However, to buy a ship for her is not necessarily, you can just buy the can opener is made of cast iron. A beautiful half-naked (how else could it be?) mermaid decorate its hilt. The thing is heavy and looks frankly ancient, don’t tell anyone where you got it. The opener itself is made on the basis of the ancient statues, which once adorned the nose of a Dutch sailing vessel (so we were told by the producers).

There is such joy 10 bucks. And we already want!

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